Pilloroo Kids of the Week – Crestwood 5th Graders


This week we have an extra exciting 90 Pilloroo Kids of the Week.  The 5th graders at Crestwood Elementary School in Visalia, California deserve a big shout out.  I visited Crestwood on Wednesday to talk about Entrepreneurship.  These students are starting a unit where they will transform their classroom into a mini classroom economy.  They all have business ideas and are developing store fronts and advertising campaigns to compete for classroom dollars.  They promised to send updates to me.  So I will post highlights of this exciting classroom experience.  Good luck to all of you budding entrepreneurs.

I’d also like to send these exceptional kids a Pilloroo Thank you! for being such a great audience and having such intelligent questions and comments.

This bright group also asked how they could win a Pilloroo.  So we have come up with a Commercial Contest.  I can’t wait to see what they create.


If you know an exceptional group of kids, we would love to share their story. E-mail us info(at)pilloroo.com.


Pilloroo is Now in Professor Toy


Professor Toy in Clovis and Visalia is a great spot to find unique and educational toys in the Central Valley.  With exceptional customer service and a host of hand picked products, Professor Toy is any child’s dream.  Toys are displayed for play so kids can feel comfortable exploring as they find just the right toy to take home.  The expert staff is always on hand to answer questions and recommend toys and learning aides that are right for you.  They also have teaching supplies such as instructional materials and classroom decor for all of those dedicated teachers out there.

A great place to shop, Professor Toy will soon be adding toy demonstrations, crafts and lively story times in the near future.  Visit ProfessorToy.com for more details.

What does the Professor say about Pilloroo?  It is a great way for kids to feel independent as they choose the most special treasures that hides safely in the surprise pouch.

Thanks Professor!