Pilloroos for Slumber Parties

Pilloroos have been a hit with toddlers who love to hide their toys and treasures.  Teens and tweens are catching on to the fun of the Pilloroo hidden pocket.  Our Princess Polkadot and Pretty Poodle are the favorites with the hidden Pilloroo pocket used for everything from pajamas to memory books.  Girls are also hiding their diraries in journals in the hidden pouches – it’s a perfect spot!

Pilloroo makes a great Valentines Day gift.  Enjoy 5 dollars off from us, and send one to someone you love.  Use coupon code: LOVE to receive the $5 discount.  We’ll even include a special note upon request.

Happy Hiding!


Roses are Red…

valentines-day-sale-cupcakeOne of my favorite holidays by far is Valentine’s Day.  I love recognizing the ones I love, letting them know how wonderful I think they are.  When I was teaching 5th grade, we would spend the day making special cards for our Moms and Grandmas.  I always enjoyed watching all of the kids take such great care in designing the cards and struggling to find the right words to put in the middle.  Of course most of them were using the poem “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue”, but they still wanted to change that last line to make their poem especially unique.  I know the women who received these gifts at the end of the day loved the cards, but it was more than likely the thoughts inside that they cherished the most.

We are currently taking pre-orders for Valentine’s Day Pilloroos.  We can help you customize a card to hide inside for the lucky recipient.  We also have some suggestions on how to start!

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

You’re so special

I’m sending you

A Pilloroo