7 Days Until our First Trade Show

After months of planning, our debut is finally here.  The ABC Kids Expo in LasVegas is the biggest juvenile product trade show in the U.S.  We have been working at top speed these last few weeks, getting everything from business cards to shelves for the pillows.  It has been quite a scramble, but I think everything has come together.

Planning this product down to every last label and stitch has been a series of a thousand choices.  As we start presenting the finished product to customers and stores we will see if we made the right ones.  I surely hope we did.

So on Friday, we will load BillieJo’s Suburban with the booth, the shelves, our Pilloroo line up and everything else we need for the show.  I hope it all fits.  If it doesn’t, I might have to ride on top.  Hey, maybe we would make national news!