Pilloroo; Live on our Local News

Channel 24

Job number one in launching a new product is getting people to know you are out there.  Last week we got the opportunity to be filmed live with Alex Delgado of Channel 24.  So we put our nerves aside and jumped at the chance to be on her show. I’ve never been behind the scenes of a TV show before, so I was curious to see how it worked.  When we arrived, we requested to display our pillows so we were directed to a room that looked like a staging area.  There we got our Pilloroos ready on a rolling table, were “miked” and proceeded to wait for the next set on instructions.

Soon the doors in front of us flew open.  A stage manager rolled us into the room and in front of three cameras.  Here comes Alex Delgado with a few instructions, and enormous amount of infectious energy and a little nudge, “30 seconds”.  She told us where to stand, where to look, and we were on!  A true professional, Alex instantly put us at ease and made us feel like we were having a light conversation with a friend.  It was a pleasure meeting her and a fabulous experience being behind the scenes of her TV show Central Valley Today.  You can watch the video by clicking on this link:  http://www.ksee24.com/programming/cvt/44606337.html .


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Mommy Millionaire Magazine

mommy-millionaire-blog-copy2Early on in our journey, a fellow mom in business recommended BillieJo and I read the book Mommy Millionaire.  It has been one of the most helpful tools we’ve used in navigating our way through this process of launching a product.  The author Kim Lavine has a wonderful “best girlfriend” style of writing.  The book reads easily as she tells how she took her “Wuvit” from a gift for her child’s teacher to a top selling product.

When I found out she hosted a forum where aspiring entrepreneurs can gather, ask questions and share ideas, I joined right away.  She just recently launched an online magazine and requested that Pilloroo contribute an article.  I feel indebted to her and always love to help, so I submitted an article that shares some of our company’s accomplishments.  You can check out the article at www.mommymillionaire.com/moms-got-the-skills/.  You can also post a comment to let her know you stopped by.  She is a wonderful inspiration and has a passion for helping women help each other.

Why we do what we do

Moms starting businesses is one of the fastest growing business sectors. As BillieJo and I see college approaching for our two oldest, making this business a success becomes ever more important. But it is the whole gang that we are working for. So I thought I’d share our line up.

Starting with BillieJo’s Brude:

Stephanie 16 – Volleyball Pilloroo – is the Starting Setter on her High School team.

Gregory 13 – Money Pilloroo -Gregory has been running his own candy business for a couple of years now and has become the family loan officer.

Jacob 11- 2 Fish Themed Pilloroos -Jacob was voted Mr. Congeniality on his last month long fishing trip in Alaska.

My Bunch:

Ryan 15 – Baseball Pilloroo -is the Left Fielder on his High School team.

Tatum 2 – Froggy Pilloroo -Tatum can roar and ribbet. She has actually tried to scare her mother with her roar to get out of trouble. It didn’t work.

Lauren 2 – Monkey Pilloroo -is also known to cry at Birthday Parties when Pilloroos’ are given to friends. She really loves them.

These kids are our souls and our passion, the driving force behind our business. People often ask us how we do it all. Sometimes we wonder ourselves. But as every mom knows – you just find a way.