Creating Great Gifts

Baseball bear 400x400 with boxGrowing up, I always loved making gifts for people.  From decorated cakes to olive wood clocks, I enjoyed giving people something original that couldn’t be purchased just anywhere.  It has been a great pleasure to hear how customers are using our Pilloroos as gifts.  I really enjoy hearing the story behind the gift.

Last week a woman bought the Baseball Bash Pilloroo for the little boy who would be her ring bearer at her wedding.  Her fiance is a professional baseball player and since the ring bearer would be holding a pillow…The Pilloroo would make the perfect gift!  I think she really knocked that one out of the park.

For a limited time we will be selling the Baseball Bash Pilloroo for only $19.99 on our website.  If you have a gift to give..Knock it out of the Park with Pilloroo!


Pilloroo is in Peek a Boo Boutique, LaVerne California



BillieJo is on the road again.  She just called from LaVerne with great news that Pilloroo will be in Peek a Boo boutique in beautiful downtown LaVerne.  This is especially exciting for me.  University of LaVerne is just down the street and is my Alma Matre.  That makes me uniquely credentialed to recommend Warehouse Pizza as the best place to have lunch after shopping at the adorable boutique.

Owned by two moms with exceptional taste, Peek A Boo boutique is just the place to stop to buy a gift or enjoy an afternoon of shopping.  And if you are in the mood for fun, you can play Peek A Boo with a Pilloroo too!

A Great Collection of Learning Toys

freckles-and-pigtails-blogWe are so excited to add another quality boutique to the growing list of stores that carry the Pilloroo.  Freckles & Pigtails is an online boutique that carries the very best, carefully selected toys.  With a focus on learning, Freckles & Pigtails has a fabulous selection of fun toys for boys and girls.  To make gift selection easy, the site also has an easy to use page to help customers select toys that are developmentally appropriate for different age groups.

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday or special occasion, Freckles & Pigtails is a fabulous online boutique that makes your shopping experience easy and enjoyable.  You can also check out their blog at  The blog is featuring the Pilloroo today.  If you have time to stop by and leave a comment, the owner would love to hear from you!