Pilloroo is now in Special Occasions & Gifts


Hello everyone!  Pilloroo is now in Special Occasions & Gifts located in Porterville, CA.  Carrie Brinkley originally opened the boutique 25 years ago and has now brought her daughter, Jennifer, into the family business.  They offer a wide range of beautiful home decor items as well as wonderful gifts for that special someone for any occasion.  And now they offer the one and only Pilloroo!  Oh what fun!  If you are in Porterville and looking for a great gift, please go into their specialty boutique or visit them online at Special Occasions & Gifts.


They Use Them Every Day!

img_06101Hello everyone! We recently attended the annual St. Anne’s Christmas Craft Fair in Porterville, CA and had a great time meeting new people and hearing all the ooohs and aaahs about our Pilloroos. One gal in particular came up to our booth to look at our Pilloroos and I asked her if she had purchased a Pilloroo from us before because she looked so familiar. She said she purchased 5 of them last year for her grandchildren and, “It was the best investment I ever made. All of them just love their pillows and don’t leave home with out them.” That made my day. Not only to find out that the kids really love their Pilloroos and use them every day, but also to be told that they were the best “investment” ever purchased was awesome. She bought 2 more for her nieces’ children as well. Another satisfied customer and a return customer to boot! It just goes to show that Pilloroos are the perfect gift for that special loved one in all of our lives.