What do you put in your Pilloroo?


My favorite question to ask Pilloroo Fans is “What do you put in your Pilloroo?”  It is so fun to hear the answers because it always reveals a little something about their personality.  Jacob, my nephew the adorable, rambunctious 7 year old who inspired the Pilloroo at first hid his army men, then toys his brother was not to play with and eventually the favorite things he would collect or toys he wanted to take on a trip.  Four years later, he now has a more “mature” Pilloroo.  Made with Fly Fishing fabric, it holds his cologne!

Two weeks ago at the Top of the Line show, a mom returned to our booth with her 11 year old daughter so she could pick out her favorite pillow.  She explained that her daughter was going to 6th grade camp in a week and wanted to use her Pilloroo to hide her favorite stuffed animal that she cannot sleep without!

What a clever mom!