Mommy Millionaire Magazine

mommy-millionaire-blog-copy2Early on in our journey, a fellow mom in business recommended BillieJo and I read the book Mommy Millionaire.  It has been one of the most helpful tools we’ve used in navigating our way through this process of launching a product.  The author Kim Lavine has a wonderful “best girlfriend” style of writing.  The book reads easily as she tells how she took her “Wuvit” from a gift for her child’s teacher to a top selling product.

When I found out she hosted a forum where aspiring entrepreneurs can gather, ask questions and share ideas, I joined right away.  She just recently launched an online magazine and requested that Pilloroo contribute an article.  I feel indebted to her and always love to help, so I submitted an article that shares some of our company’s accomplishments.  You can check out the article at  You can also post a comment to let her know you stopped by.  She is a wonderful inspiration and has a passion for helping women help each other.