Snacks..Of Course!


I just had to share the latest Pilloroo Review from the MommyInsider blog.  This mom packs the snacks for the car in the Pilloroo!  Brilliant!

“Madelyn got a Pilloroo for Christmas and now has 3 comfort blankets and a Pilloroo.  I have to stop the growth of her comfort clan soon or it’s going to get out of control!

Perfect for long car rides, the Pilloroo is an all-in-one comfort item, and toy.. and in our case, a snack carrier too!  When we are going to scouts or going to be in the car for a while, I pack a snack bag and stick it in the Pilloroo pouch for Madelyn to find.  I love the surprised look on her face when there’s something new or different in the Pilloroo pocket.  Now, if I would find a million dollars in there, I would be thrilled.”

One million dollars inside a Pilloroo!  Now that would be great marketing.