Writing Valentines…



Writing and receiving Valentine’s Day cards is a fun way to celebrate the holiday.  Valentines Day is this Saturday so there is still time to sit down and write to the people you love and let them know how special you think they are.  Lauren and Tatum received their first cards of the season last week from their Grandma, and they were so happy.  They have kept their cards in their room and every now and again pick them up and have me re-read what Grandma wrote inside the card.  Too cute.

Whether a hand written note, an e-card or photo card there are a lot of easy and creative ways to say I love you.  Websites like e-greetings and Hallmark.com have a wide range of e-cards to help you pick the perfect note to send to your online friends.  I was happily surprised to see Costco.com has a great deal on Valentine’s Day photo cards.  Their website is easy to use, and if your photos are already uploaded, you can create a personalized card in a matter of minutes.  

No matter what you do, just make it small enough to fit in a Pilloroo.  They may just want to keep it forever!