Where Are They Now?

What does the little Puppy do when he’s out of his Pilloroo?  Eat nutritious cereal with his best friend!  Thank you Ari for this great picture of you and “Fuzzy”.

What are your Pilloroo Pals doing?  Send us your pics at info(at)pilloroo.com.  We’d love to share their adventures.


Fairy Fantasies – sold out

fairies-editted-copyThere is always a favorite!  And Pilloroos are no different.  We got an order yesterday for the last two Fairy Pilloroos.  This has been the most popular pillow everywhere we have gone from retailers to customers.  I have to admitt when I first saw the fabric I did fall in love.  I think it was the Redhead Fairy who really won me over!

Although every week I seem to get a different “favorite”,  these Pilloroos have been so fun to put together.  It has been even more fun seeing everyone’s reactions.  So thank you to everyone who has ordered and huge apologies to anyone who was planning on having a Fairy Pilloroo before Christmas.

Pilloroo is now in Special Occasions & Gifts


Hello everyone!  Pilloroo is now in Special Occasions & Gifts located in Porterville, CA.  Carrie Brinkley originally opened the boutique 25 years ago and has now brought her daughter, Jennifer, into the family business.  They offer a wide range of beautiful home decor items as well as wonderful gifts for that special someone for any occasion.  And now they offer the one and only Pilloroo!  Oh what fun!  If you are in Porterville and looking for a great gift, please go into their specialty boutique or visit them online at Special Occasions & Gifts.

Pilloroo wins the Moms Best Award!

Click on the image to see a clearer version.

Click on the image to see a clearer version.

Pilloroo Pillows has been chosen for the Moms Best Award!  We are so excited that the panel of judges and their children recognize our pillows as a product to recommend to other moms.  Of course my nephew Jacob, the owner of the first Pilloroo is probably not surprised at all.

Remember to leave a comment for the Pick a Pilloroo Giveaway.  The winner will be announced on December 18th.  Good Luck!

Pilloroo is in Holiday Boutique of Fresno


The Holiday Boutique in Fresno is now carrying the Pilloroo!  A wonderful boutique in the heart of Fresno, the store is staffed entirely by volunteers with the proceeds benefitting Valley Children’s Hospital.  What an honor it is to be in such a wonderful boutique.  We hope to help them sell many Pilloroos to benefit the many children helped every day by Valley Children’s Hospital.  If you are looking for a special present for an extra special person, Holiday Boutique is a great place to shop.