Sometimes a card just isn’t enough…

Making the baseball team is definitely a reason to celebrate.  We can all remember the extraordinary lessons we’ve learned while playing sports.  Sending a Pilloroo with a special note expressing how proud you are of your slugger is a great way to give an aspiring baseball star a little extra support.

Let us know what you would like written on the note and we will be happy to put it in the pocket when we send out the gift.

Now let’s play ball!


It’s the Cutest Thing I Have Ever Seen!

We are working on some exciting new products for 2010.  I am on the phone daily putting the little details together so we can launch some new cuddly Pilloroos this year.  I absolutely love showing the Pilloroo to people for the first time.  Today I was talking to Trudi who opened up our web page and exclaimed, the Pilloroo is “the cutest thing I have ever seen.”  This is not the first time I have heard this – but it really never gets old!

Pilloroos for Slumber Parties

Pilloroos have been a hit with toddlers who love to hide their toys and treasures.  Teens and tweens are catching on to the fun of the Pilloroo hidden pocket.  Our Princess Polkadot and Pretty Poodle are the favorites with the hidden Pilloroo pocket used for everything from pajamas to memory books.  Girls are also hiding their diraries in journals in the hidden pouches – it’s a perfect spot!

Pilloroo makes a great Valentines Day gift.  Enjoy 5 dollars off from us, and send one to someone you love.  Use coupon code: LOVE to receive the $5 discount.  We’ll even include a special note upon request.

Happy Hiding!