The Haas House Is Alive With The Sound of Music

music-copyJust like the hills, the Haas house is alive with the sound of music.  Without warning, my husband brought home a piano yesterday.  At first, I was a little dismayed.  Where in the world are we going to put a piano?  But looking into his eyes and hearing the pleas from our children, “Mom, can we please keep it?”, I couldn’t resist.  After downloading lessons and plenty of sheet music, the beautiful notes coming from our new piano is music to my ears.  It is amazing how this new addition to our family has been such a bonding experience for us all.  Hearing their laughter and their attempts at ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ has been nothing but amusing and I look foward to many years of the melodious sound of music.


Happy Thanksgiving

Taking the day off today to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, we will not be stuffing Pilloroos today, but rather ourselves!   We are so lucky to have a family who loves to eat so there will be a ton of great food to share.  The real blessing is having so many wonderful people in our lives to share the meal and the laughter and of course the dessert.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Nephew

Designing these pillows has been so much fun for BillieJo and I, but giving them is even more fun. I always like to hear what kids decide to keep in the “Surprise Pouch”. My nephew Jordan is a kid whose parents keep him on the go, he’s in karate and baseball and can recite the entire 24 line poem “The Quitter” by Robert Service. As an aunt I couldn’t be more proud. So what does this little intellectual have in his Pilloroo? “A “Basketball Travel Game” He’s always ready to shoot hoops.