Pilloroo Kid of the Week


Heroes come in all ages – for me this one is just 3.  In three short years he has become one of my “most influential people”.  Born a premie, Russell fought for a month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until he was strong and healthy enough to go home.  He is an inspiration to me and a strong reminder of how precious life is.

Almost three years later, Russell has been diagnosed with stage 3 Burkitt’s Lymphoma.  He was diagnosed at Thanksgiving and immediately started chemotherapy treatments as he fought for his life.   It has been three months.  He had his last treatment today and all is looking good.   This tiny but mighty guy continues to remind me to be grateful for every day.

As Russell completes his treatment, we are still praying that he regains his health and can go back to his rambunctious and carefree days.  You can follow his amazing  journey at boywonder.typepad.com.

Russell’s tenacity and positive spirit has inspired us to celebrate exceptional children here on Blogging Pilloroo.  There are kids out there doing great things every day.  Some are big like knocking out childhood diseases and others are not as big like setting good examples.

If you know a kid who should be recognized as a Pilloroo Kid of the Week for something great, please e-mail us at vicky@pilloroo.com.  We beleive kids doing great things are a big deal.