Pilloroo is Jenny Toste’s A-list Pick

It’s official Pilloroo is an A-list gift.  Jenny Toste highlighted it on the morning news on Monday.  “It’s a great gift”  and a perfect place to hide jewelry.  Jenny Toste’s A-list is wonderful distinction for Pilloroo.  Jenny Toste is very selective and names only the very best products and gifts on her list.  We are proud to be a part of her A-list!

Watch Pilloroo on the CBS morning show by clicking here: (Click here to watch the video!)


Top Pilloroos of 2009

Wow!  What a year 2009 was for us.  The first full year of Pilloroo was a great adventure.  We have met many new friends and learned a whole lot about what our customers want.  We are looking forward to new products this year, and a wonderful selection of new prints for Spring 2010.  Before we get started though, we thought we would look back on our top Pilloroos of 2009.  The Cupcake Caravan Pilloroo was a wonderful hit in all of our boutiques and sold out in the Spring.  When the cupcake club blog gave the Pilloroo great reviews, we had a good feeling about this sweet little Pilloroo.  And we were right.

Our Dynamic Dinosaur Pilloroo was also a hit especially during Christmas time at the Dinosaur Farm in Pasadena.  We received a frantic call the week before Christmas – they were all sold out and needed more right away.  With all of those kids watching Dinosaur Train on PBS and just plain diggin’ dinos, this Pilloroo was a great find.

Our collegiate Pilloroos were also a big hit with Oski, the Cal Pilloroo and Timeout the FSU Pilloroo sold for the many special occassions sports fans have.

Thank you to all of you Pilloroo fans that continue to give Pilloroos as gifts and tell your friends about the Pillow with the Surprise Pouch.  It’s because of you that we are looking forward to a fabulous 2010!

As always we would love to hear from you.  Do you have an idea about how we can make our Pilloroos better?  Let us know.  E-mail us at vicky@pilloroo.com or leave a comment here.  We want to be a wonderful company for you, and we are listening.