The Haas House Is Alive With The Sound of Music

music-copyJust like the hills, the Haas house is alive with the sound of music.  Without warning, my husband brought home a piano yesterday.  At first, I was a little dismayed.  Where in the world are we going to put a piano?  But looking into his eyes and hearing the pleas from our children, “Mom, can we please keep it?”, I couldn’t resist.  After downloading lessons and plenty of sheet music, the beautiful notes coming from our new piano is music to my ears.  It is amazing how this new addition to our family has been such a bonding experience for us all.  Hearing their laughter and their attempts at ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ has been nothing but amusing and I look foward to many years of the melodious sound of music.


Winter Fun

Lauren and Tatum were very excited today.  Their Amaryllis Flower finally bloomed!  We planted it three weeks ago and have been keeping an eye on it every day.  The plant grew about 1/2 inch every day so it has been fun for the twins to monitor its progress.  I think it was a surprise to them that the flower is so pretty.

Growing an amaryllis flower is a fun way for kids to learn math and science.  When I taught fifth grade, we would measure and graph the plant’s progress and talk about photosynthesis.  Since Lauren and Tatum aren’t too interested in photosynthesis at the moment, we measured the plants growth while practicing our numbers instead.  We used a ruler to mark inches on a poster board and measured the plant as it grew.  The plant grows so fast, it was fun for them to count the number of inches as the plant grew bigger and bigger.  These flowers are so easy to grow and you can pick them up at the grocery store or hardware store.  We got ours at Target, our favorite place to shop.  It’s from Smith & Hawken and comes with the cute planter for under $15.  The flower is seasonal, so if you want to grow one yourself you need to get started!