We love having them in the shop.  They put a smile on our face every day.

Dorothea, Owner – Hometown Threads


We got the Pilloroo yesterday, and my daughter is in serious love. She whisked the pillow upstairs last night to her bed, and “monkey” had to accompany her to nursery school this morning.

Jeanne, mom

The Pilloroo is a great gift. I have done the cars for a 2 year old boy and the guitars for a 2 year old girl. Definitely an instant hit with both. They are really well made and packaging as well as gift wrap are excellent! I will be back for more.

Tiffaney, mom

I received the Pilloroo yesterday–and it is SO adorable! Your packaging is fabulous- high quality on the sewing and design-

Donna, mom

My Pilloroo is so perfect.  I’ve stuffed all my Polly Pockets and my new lip gloss in it and my brothers can’t get them.

Danny, 4 years old

Mackenzie (4yrs) adores her cupcake Pilloroo! (As a baker, I love the little bear!) She hides her “special” finds inside so that her brother can’t get them, like pretty rocks and fall leaves, lol. I love to see her get so excited when daddy gets home and she runs for her Pilloroo to show him her treasures! We will be bringing it with us wherever we travel to keep her PJs and teddy bear safe.

I suppose my next favorite Pilloroo would be the trains, since my son (2yrs) is crazy about them!

Stacy, mom of 2


2 Responses

  1. Oh, the cupcake pillow is just so yummy! That would be a perfect gift for a special cupcake. 🙂

  2. I fell in love with the cupcake pillaroo too… and just HAD to feature it in my blog when I wrote on a kitchen theme…

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