Know Your Target Market

One of our first lessons on this journey was to learn our target market.  We have had the pleasure of meeting many of our customers.  If you asked me our target market I would say kids first – they love the hiding spot and the comfy pillow – and I would follow it with Moms, Grandmas and Aunts.  The longer I do this though, I am finding out target market doesn’t end there.

On Sunday I sent our new sales catalog to Kinkos.  I got a call an hour later from the sales person.  He told me how cool he thought these Pilloroos were and asked if he could buy one.  I was delighted!  When I brought it to the store, he totally lit up!  He thanked me and proceeded to show all the college age guys he was working with.  “That’s Pretty Cool” was the general response.

Everyone loves Pilloroos – They’re fun, and they keep your secrets!

That’s pretty cool.


Top Pilloroos of 2009

Wow!  What a year 2009 was for us.  The first full year of Pilloroo was a great adventure.  We have met many new friends and learned a whole lot about what our customers want.  We are looking forward to new products this year, and a wonderful selection of new prints for Spring 2010.  Before we get started though, we thought we would look back on our top Pilloroos of 2009.  The Cupcake Caravan Pilloroo was a wonderful hit in all of our boutiques and sold out in the Spring.  When the cupcake club blog gave the Pilloroo great reviews, we had a good feeling about this sweet little Pilloroo.  And we were right.

Our Dynamic Dinosaur Pilloroo was also a hit especially during Christmas time at the Dinosaur Farm in Pasadena.  We received a frantic call the week before Christmas – they were all sold out and needed more right away.  With all of those kids watching Dinosaur Train on PBS and just plain diggin’ dinos, this Pilloroo was a great find.

Our collegiate Pilloroos were also a big hit with Oski, the Cal Pilloroo and Timeout the FSU Pilloroo sold for the many special occassions sports fans have.

Thank you to all of you Pilloroo fans that continue to give Pilloroos as gifts and tell your friends about the Pillow with the Surprise Pouch.  It’s because of you that we are looking forward to a fabulous 2010!

As always we would love to hear from you.  Do you have an idea about how we can make our Pilloroos better?  Let us know.  E-mail us at or leave a comment here.  We want to be a wonderful company for you, and we are listening.

Entrepreneurship at its Best

Lake Tahoe

Last weekend our family visited our favorite place in the world, Lake Tahoe.  While we were there, I slipped away from the beach and visited two of my favorite stores in the area to show them the Pilloroo.  The Tahoe Store Emporium at Incline Village is a shoppers paradise carrying everything from Vera Bradley bags to the latest gourmet kitchen utensils.  It also has an amazing children’s section that I thought would be perfect for the Pilloroo.  The second store, the Treehouse Children’s Clothing and Gifts has two locations, one in Truckee and the other in South Lake Tahoe.  It has an adorable collection of unique and special gifts for kids.  Both stores loved the Pilloroo and purchased them on the spot.  I am delighted to have Pilloroo carried in two locations at the most beautiful place on Earth – Lake Tahoe.  The best part was being back to the beach by 1:00 to swim, play and enjoy the rest of the day with the kids.

Tune In to Oprah Tomorrow Tuesday May 19

Ashley's toy closet

Ashley will be on Oprah tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19th.  Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week last month, Ashley founded her own foundation to help kids who have been affected by disasters.  After losing her own toys in a house fire, Ashley started this organization to help kids who have lost all of their toys due to fire or natural disaster.  Tomorrow she will join Oprah via Skype to share her story with the world.  We are so proud of Ashley.  

You can also check out her new website at:  Go Ashley!

Building a Business … Continued

Test Market

How do you know if your idea is a great one?  If you can sell it, then you’ll know.  We started very simply.  Keeping our cost to a minimum, we set up this booth at a local craft fair and waited to see the reaction.  BillieJo and I set up the booth at sunrise, had a cup of coffee and waited for people to arrive.  “What is this?” was the most popular question asked by adults.  Kids, however, had a different response.  Their curiosity drew them in.  When they discovered there were toys in the pockets of all the pillows, their reactions were priceless.  Some grabbed the pillows and had to have them right away.  Many dragged their parents back to our booth to get one before they left.  We will never forget the people who asked “Who invented this?” or “Do you have your own store?”.  We especially loved the people who said we were going to be millionaires, or our favorite, “You’re going to be on Oprah!”

As we took all of this in, we really did record which ones we were selling the most of and which ones were not that popular.  Our 5th grade friends at Crestwood Elementary in Visalia who are starting their own businesses for their classroom economy were surprised to hear that starting out was really this easy.  Testing our idea was the easy part.  Turning the idea into a business was hard part.  Next week I’ll talk about what we did to build the team of people that helped us launch Pilloroo!

Danni Pilloroo Kid of the Week



Here’s Danni on her bed with her Pilloroo.  A very private and shy little princess, she is always looking for a great hiding spot for her most prized possessions.  She is the middle child in a family of six including younger twin brothers.  With her Pilloroo, she keeps her most special things on her bed safely hiding – in plain sight.  Danni is such a clever Pilloroo Kid of the Week!

We think Kids are awesome.  Want to recognize an awesome child you know?  Send us a photo and tell us all the great things about him or her.  E-mail us at and he or she could be our next Pilloroo Kid of the Week.



Pilloroo Roadtrip Update

“It’s fun to see their eyes light up when I show them our pillows.”  Billie Jo is having a great time introducing the Pilloroo to new store owners on her roadtrip.   Two stores have purchased Pilloroos on the spot,  Splendid Things in San Luis Obispo and The Sky’s The Limit in Pismo Beach.  The owners are excited about our pillows, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them.  

On to more stores!  Billie Jo is putting the pedal to the metal to get our Pilloroos to a store near you!