Pilloroo is now in The Ultimate Tooth Fairy Store


The thrill of losing a tooth and getting it ready for the Tooth Fairy is a special time in every kid’s life.  The Ultimate Tooth Fairy Store provides hundreds of gifts for making this time even more special.  Many of our young customers have told us about using the secret pouch in their Pilloroo for the perfect spot for the Tooth Fairy to pick up their tooth and leave a little something behind.  The zippered pouch is some extra security against losing that precious gift from the Tooth Fairy.

Now Pilloroo has joined the ever growing list of fabulous Tooth Fairy gifts on the Ultimate Tooth Fairy Store.  Please check out the wonderful collection of gifts they have to offer.

And the next time one of your little friends loses a tooth, make sure they have a safe and secure Pilloroo for their Tooth Fairy transaction!


Who’s Diggin’ Dinosaurs?

TD Monthly Dino Pilloroo

TD Monthly Magazine, the go to guide for all great toys, visited the Dinosaur Farm in Pasadena and discovered the Pilloroo.  Click here to see the video review of the Dino Pilloroo.  Or better yet, make a trip out to beautiful Pasadena, California to the Dinosaur Farm to see the very best collection of dinosaur gifts, games and toys.  They are also on the web at http://www.dinosaurfarm.com/dipi.html.  You can also pick up your very own Dinosaur Pilloroo on Pilloroo.com, where super saver shipping is only $5.00.  However you get your hands on this comfy pillow, you are sure to have some sweet dino dreams!

Pick 3; Spend 50


It has been a great experience meeting the owners of the small boutiques and toy stores throughout California.  Some of these exceptional entrepreneurs have been in business for 50+ years.  Starting a business myself, I now know well what an accomplishment that is.  It is fun to see the differences in these small stores.  Owners and managers of these small establishments take so much pride in carefully selecting and displaying products they feel their customers will love, each store reflects the personalities of the business people behind them.  

So when I heard about the 3/50 project, I wanted to spread the word.  Think of 3 independently owned businesses you wouldn’t want to live without, and make an effort to spend $50 dollars a month in those locally owned stores.  The icing on the cake?  Knowing more of your dollars are staying in your local community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures.

You can find out more about this project at http://the350project.net/home.html.

Want to help spread the word?  Forward this blog post or the 3/50 link to a couple of friends.  Working together and helping each other will get us all through these times quicker and easier.  Happy Shopping!

Pilloroo is now in Learning Express in Reno



Nevada here we come!  The Learning Express in Reno is carrying Pilloroo.  Learning Express is family owned and operated.  Taking great care in providing customers a range of quality products and exceptional service, they offer free gift wrapping and even have a gift registry.  Shopping has never been so fun.  Customers can play with toys before they buy them.  Located at 197 Damonte Parkway, in Reno, Nevada the store is conveniently located.

When we first called the Learning Express, the store was having a fund raising raffle for World Rare Disease Day benefiting children who are battling rare diseases.  We were happy to donate two Pilloroos for the cause.  Learning Express in Reno is a store that cares deeply about its community.  Pilloroo is proud to be a part of their team!