Where Are They Now?

What does the little Puppy do when he’s out of his Pilloroo?  Eat nutritious cereal with his best friend!  Thank you Ari for this great picture of you and “Fuzzy”.

What are your Pilloroo Pals doing?  Send us your pics at info(at)pilloroo.com.  We’d love to share their adventures.


Pilloroos for Slumber Parties

Pilloroos have been a hit with toddlers who love to hide their toys and treasures.  Teens and tweens are catching on to the fun of the Pilloroo hidden pocket.  Our Princess Polkadot and Pretty Poodle are the favorites with the hidden Pilloroo pocket used for everything from pajamas to memory books.  Girls are also hiding their diraries in journals in the hidden pouches – it’s a perfect spot!

Pilloroo makes a great Valentines Day gift.  Enjoy 5 dollars off from us, and send one to someone you love.  Use coupon code: LOVE to receive the $5 discount.  We’ll even include a special note upon request.

Happy Hiding!

Money for a Rainy Day, Ipod, Christmas Presents…

Tatum discovering transparent 2 inOur list continues to grow.  So many things to hide in your favorite Pilloroo.  I love the look of empowerment I see in Lauren and Tatum’s eyes when they decide what to put in their Pilloroos.

At 3 years old, they love having something they are in charge of and making that big decision on their own.  Last week it was a special ring they received as a party favor.  Lauren placed hers in her Cupcake Pilloroo and closed the zipper tight.  Tatum on the other hand has commandeered her Daddy’s custom made Oregon State Pilloroo and placed hers in that one.  She loves using “Daddy’s pillow”.

I love that a Pilloroo so simple, can make them feel so important.

Danni Pilloroo Kid of the Week



Here’s Danni on her bed with her Pilloroo.  A very private and shy little princess, she is always looking for a great hiding spot for her most prized possessions.  She is the middle child in a family of six including younger twin brothers.  With her Pilloroo, she keeps her most special things on her bed safely hiding – in plain sight.  Danni is such a clever Pilloroo Kid of the Week!

We think Kids are awesome.  Want to recognize an awesome child you know?  Send us a photo and tell us all the great things about him or her.  E-mail us at vicky@pilloroo.com and he or she could be our next Pilloroo Kid of the Week.



3 Girls – 3 Different Pilloroos


All sisters are different, and so should their Pilloroos be!  These three sisters shared their picture with us, and I have to say, How Cute!  I asked each of them what they kept in their Pilloroos and unanimously it was their favorite things.  A pretty string of beads in one, a beautiful pen in the other and for the littlest Pilloroo Kid, her favorite stuffed animal.  We are so happy that they are using their Pilloroos as the perfect hiding spot!

We are on the look out for more cute Pilloroo Kids.  Send us your pictures and your name will be entered in our February giveaway.  E-mail us pictures at info@pilloroo.com.


Let’s Stir it Up!


I am fortunate to be surrounded by many “beginning bakers” including Lauren and Tatum.  Many of them have adorable pretend kitchens and can spend hours creating make believe favorites and serving them to their friends, parents and sometimes less than enthusiastic siblings.  Baking, whether real or pretend is fun for kids of all ages.  Kids Today, an online magazine has a wonderful article “Stir Up Some Imagination” that highlights some great gift ideas for kids who love to cook, and they included the Cupcake Caravan Pilloroo.  Check out all of the awesome Kitchen Accessories for both boys and girls at Kids Today Online.com.

Cupcake Caravan Giveaway

cupcakes-copy1We love cupcakes here at Pilloroo and our Cupcake Caravan Pilloroo is one of our favorites. We have teamed up with the Cupcake Club and AllThingsCupcake to offer a free pilloroo to the lucky winner of their Pilloroo Giveaway. Visit either site today or tomorrow and leave a comment to enter to win this cute little pillow for your self or the cupcake lover in your life.

Both of these sites will have you craving cupcakes! The Cupcake Club is a wonderful spot for young girls to go to become a VIC (Very Important Cupcake). With a wonderful series of Cupcake Club books along with fashion updates and an Ask Audrey section where girls can go for Big Sister advice, The Cupcake Club is a great site to check out. AllThingsCupcake is an awesome spot to see the latest and sweetest in cupcakes. Yummy recipes and adorable gifts fill the pages – your sweet tooth could surf for hours through all of the wonderful cupcake finds.

There are two days left in this giveaway. Stop by either site and post a comment to enter. Good Luck Cupcakes!