Help a Child

This season we are proud to team up with our local women’s shelter, The Marjaree Mason Center, to raise much needed funds for their facility.  Use coupon code HOPE and when you purchase a Pilloroo, $5 will go to the shelter.  We are so happy to help the women and children that benefit from the center’s services daily.  You can even buy a child at the center a Pilloroo for just $15.

Now that’s celebrating the holidays!



Packing for a trip is an exciting time for kids.  Wanting to take everything and the kitchen sink is a natural tendency.  One of our smart Pilloroo Moms shared with us her key for keeping toys, books and tiny articles to a manageable minimum: “Whatever fits in your Pilloroo can go!”  This is a fabulous idea!  A couple of books;  a set of action figures; a PSP and the tiny little games that go with it -can all fit in the Pilloroo Pouch and is just enough to keep kids entertained until they fall asleep…Hopefully!

Know Your Target Market

One of our first lessons on this journey was to learn our target market.  We have had the pleasure of meeting many of our customers.  If you asked me our target market I would say kids first – they love the hiding spot and the comfy pillow – and I would follow it with Moms, Grandmas and Aunts.  The longer I do this though, I am finding out target market doesn’t end there.

On Sunday I sent our new sales catalog to Kinkos.  I got a call an hour later from the sales person.  He told me how cool he thought these Pilloroos were and asked if he could buy one.  I was delighted!  When I brought it to the store, he totally lit up!  He thanked me and proceeded to show all the college age guys he was working with.  “That’s Pretty Cool” was the general response.

Everyone loves Pilloroos – They’re fun, and they keep your secrets!

That’s pretty cool.

Where Are They Now?

What does the little Puppy do when he’s out of his Pilloroo?  Eat nutritious cereal with his best friend!  Thank you Ari for this great picture of you and “Fuzzy”.

What are your Pilloroo Pals doing?  Send us your pics at info(at)  We’d love to share their adventures.

It’s the Cutest Thing I Have Ever Seen!

We are working on some exciting new products for 2010.  I am on the phone daily putting the little details together so we can launch some new cuddly Pilloroos this year.  I absolutely love showing the Pilloroo to people for the first time.  Today I was talking to Trudi who opened up our web page and exclaimed, the Pilloroo is “the cutest thing I have ever seen.”  This is not the first time I have heard this – but it really never gets old!

Pilloroos for Slumber Parties

Pilloroos have been a hit with toddlers who love to hide their toys and treasures.  Teens and tweens are catching on to the fun of the Pilloroo hidden pocket.  Our Princess Polkadot and Pretty Poodle are the favorites with the hidden Pilloroo pocket used for everything from pajamas to memory books.  Girls are also hiding their diraries in journals in the hidden pouches – it’s a perfect spot!

Pilloroo makes a great Valentines Day gift.  Enjoy 5 dollars off from us, and send one to someone you love.  Use coupon code: LOVE to receive the $5 discount.  We’ll even include a special note upon request.

Happy Hiding!

Money for a Rainy Day, Ipod, Christmas Presents…

Tatum discovering transparent 2 inOur list continues to grow.  So many things to hide in your favorite Pilloroo.  I love the look of empowerment I see in Lauren and Tatum’s eyes when they decide what to put in their Pilloroos.

At 3 years old, they love having something they are in charge of and making that big decision on their own.  Last week it was a special ring they received as a party favor.  Lauren placed hers in her Cupcake Pilloroo and closed the zipper tight.  Tatum on the other hand has commandeered her Daddy’s custom made Oregon State Pilloroo and placed hers in that one.  She loves using “Daddy’s pillow”.

I love that a Pilloroo so simple, can make them feel so important.