Top Pilloroos of 2009

Wow!  What a year 2009 was for us.  The first full year of Pilloroo was a great adventure.  We have met many new friends and learned a whole lot about what our customers want.  We are looking forward to new products this year, and a wonderful selection of new prints for Spring 2010.  Before we get started though, we thought we would look back on our top Pilloroos of 2009.  The Cupcake Caravan Pilloroo was a wonderful hit in all of our boutiques and sold out in the Spring.  When the cupcake club blog gave the Pilloroo great reviews, we had a good feeling about this sweet little Pilloroo.  And we were right.

Our Dynamic Dinosaur Pilloroo was also a hit especially during Christmas time at the Dinosaur Farm in Pasadena.  We received a frantic call the week before Christmas – they were all sold out and needed more right away.  With all of those kids watching Dinosaur Train on PBS and just plain diggin’ dinos, this Pilloroo was a great find.

Our collegiate Pilloroos were also a big hit with Oski, the Cal Pilloroo and Timeout the FSU Pilloroo sold for the many special occassions sports fans have.

Thank you to all of you Pilloroo fans that continue to give Pilloroos as gifts and tell your friends about the Pillow with the Surprise Pouch.  It’s because of you that we are looking forward to a fabulous 2010!

As always we would love to hear from you.  Do you have an idea about how we can make our Pilloroos better?  Let us know.  E-mail us at or leave a comment here.  We want to be a wonderful company for you, and we are listening.


A Comforting Gift for a New Freshman

Dorm Warming PilloroosThe transition from High School student to College Freshman is a tough one for even the most independent student.  Sending a Pilloroo with an encouraging note in the hidden pocket is a wonderful way to tell a new Freshman “You can do it”.

For a limited time, we’re offering free shipping on our Pilloroos.  Use the coupon code “BACK TO SCHOOL” and send a comfy Pilloroo to your favorite student for free.  Go to to choose the perfect Pilloroo.  E-mail us special instructions and we’ll be happy to customize it for you.

Something’s waiting for you!

grandmashouseThere is hardly anything better than going to visit good ole’ Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  But when there is a special Kitty Katwalk Pilloroo waiting for you with a special surprise inside, well, one would think they were in Heaven!  That is exactly what Carlos and Irene of Orange County did for their grandchildren.  There is going to be something new and fun waiting inside the Pilloroo each and everytime one of their grandchilcren come to visit…a new toy, movie tickets, a new book…the list can go on and on.  What a way to make time together even more fun!  I just love hearing all the different and fun ways Pilloroo’s can be shared.

A New Gift Idea!

imagesRecently, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful, glowing mother-to-be who purchased two Pilloroos, the Baseball Bash and Fancy Frog.  In conversation, I asked her who she was purchasing the Pilloroos for.  She told me she was getting the pillows for her two older children.  She wanted to get something really special for them to receive for when the baby was born.  That way, they can really have something to celebrate when their new baby brother or sister arrives in just two weeks.  I thought that was a fantastic idea!   Just another way a Pilloroo can be given!  Congratulations to their ever expanding family and Best Wishes from us at Pilloroo!

Alaska or Bust!

P1030230Well, my boys are heading to Alaska for 17 days of nothing but fishing and more fishing. But not without their handy-dandy Pilloroos. My son, Gregory, has his fishing Pilloroo with his iPod, cell phone and wallet hidden safely in it’s pouch but is still able to be used as a soft and comfy pillow during the 5 hour flight. And Jacob is carrying his camera in his pillow for that perfect picture opportunity of all the amazing wildlife there in Alaska along the drive from the airport in Anchorage to the fishing town of Soldotna. They are so excited to be there with their dad, doing what they all love to do most, fishing for Sockeye Salmon. Last year, they brought home 450 lbs. of salmon, none in their Pilloroos, thank goodness. Hopefully they will bring home even more this year along with some great memories of their travels in Alaska!

Pilloroos just got Sweeter


February is here and it is time to start thinking about sweet little gifts for the sweet little people in our lives.  Pilloroos are sweet and snuggly and now for the month of February in addition to the little surprise tucked inside our pouches we are tucking in a little something extra – a box of Sweetheart Candies.  

At, shipping is free and we have many designs to choose from.  So send a soft snuggly surprise to a little darling that would love to know you are thinking of them.  Their sweet tooth will appreciate it!

Pilloroo is in Visalia!


Pilloroo can now be found in Visalia!  The Pauline Collection, located on Visalia’s lovely and nostalgic Main Street, is the newest carrier of Pilloroo pillows.  The owner, Elizabeth McClelland, is very excited about the addition of Pilloroo to her store.  Not only does she carry Pilloroo and other cute children’s products, but also carries handcrafted jewelry, scarves & clothing, woven afghans, ceramics, handblown glass, home fragrances and much more.  Her store is a delight to shop in, and being right across the street from Starbucks Coffee, anyone can grab their favorite drink and go browse to their heart’s delight.  Stop by and visit, you will love the experience!