Know Your Target Market

One of our first lessons on this journey was to learn our target market.  We have had the pleasure of meeting many of our customers.  If you asked me our target market I would say kids first – they love the hiding spot and the comfy pillow – and I would follow it with Moms, Grandmas and Aunts.  The longer I do this though, I am finding out target market doesn’t end there.

On Sunday I sent our new sales catalog to Kinkos.  I got a call an hour later from the sales person.  He told me how cool he thought these Pilloroos were and asked if he could buy one.  I was delighted!  When I brought it to the store, he totally lit up!  He thanked me and proceeded to show all the college age guys he was working with.  “That’s Pretty Cool” was the general response.

Everyone loves Pilloroos – They’re fun, and they keep your secrets!

That’s pretty cool.


Cyber Monday Deal

It’s Cyber Monday and Pilloroo has a fantastic deal for you.  30% off all Pilloroos!  Use coupon code: CHRISTMAS and get the best deal on Pilloroo.  They are the perfect Christmas gift.  Fun and practical – they will use their Pillrooo all year long.

Pilloroos also make great wrapping.  Put a gift card or small gift in the pouch and your special gift is ready to go!

Shop for great Christmas gifts.

HOT Summer Sale

Pilloroos on sale

Pilloroos are HOT and now they are on sale too!  We’ve chosen 6 of our hottest designs and are offering them at 30% off.  For a limited time these super six will be on sale for $19.99.  Tell your sisters, your neighbors and your girlfriends.  This is a great time to get the ones you love a super soft Pilloroo.

Sign up for our blog by entering your e-mail address in the top right had corner and your name will be put in a drawing to win a free Pilloroo of your choice.  We promise to keep your e-mail private.  Good Luck!

Snacks..Of Course!


I just had to share the latest Pilloroo Review from the MommyInsider blog.  This mom packs the snacks for the car in the Pilloroo!  Brilliant!

“Madelyn got a Pilloroo for Christmas and now has 3 comfort blankets and a Pilloroo.  I have to stop the growth of her comfort clan soon or it’s going to get out of control!

Perfect for long car rides, the Pilloroo is an all-in-one comfort item, and toy.. and in our case, a snack carrier too!  When we are going to scouts or going to be in the car for a while, I pack a snack bag and stick it in the Pilloroo pouch for Madelyn to find.  I love the surprised look on her face when there’s something new or different in the Pilloroo pocket.  Now, if I would find a million dollars in there, I would be thrilled.”

One million dollars inside a Pilloroo!  Now that would be great marketing.

Free Shipping


With Christmas and Chanukah just around the corner, we are offering free shipping and gift wrap on through December.  We even have a limited edition Christmas Pilloroo made especially for 2008.  A Pilloroo is a great way to gift!  Hide a gift card, jewelry… whatever extra special present you have this year, giving it in a Pilloroo will make it more memorable.  We love hearing all the creative ways our customers are using these pillows and their pouches.  We would love to hear your story too!  E-mail us at

We hope you have a happy holiday season, and stay warm!