Packing for a trip is an exciting time for kids.  Wanting to take everything and the kitchen sink is a natural tendency.  One of our smart Pilloroo Moms shared with us her key for keeping toys, books and tiny articles to a manageable minimum: “Whatever fits in your Pilloroo can go!”  This is a fabulous idea!  A couple of books;  a set of action figures; a PSP and the tiny little games that go with it -can all fit in the Pilloroo Pouch and is just enough to keep kids entertained until they fall asleep…Hopefully!


Pilloroo is now in The Ultimate Tooth Fairy Store


The thrill of losing a tooth and getting it ready for the Tooth Fairy is a special time in every kid’s life.  The Ultimate Tooth Fairy Store provides hundreds of gifts for making this time even more special.  Many of our young customers have told us about using the secret pouch in their Pilloroo for the perfect spot for the Tooth Fairy to pick up their tooth and leave a little something behind.  The zippered pouch is some extra security against losing that precious gift from the Tooth Fairy.

Now Pilloroo has joined the ever growing list of fabulous Tooth Fairy gifts on the Ultimate Tooth Fairy Store.  Please check out the wonderful collection of gifts they have to offer.

And the next time one of your little friends loses a tooth, make sure they have a safe and secure Pilloroo for their Tooth Fairy transaction!

Something’s waiting for you!

grandmashouseThere is hardly anything better than going to visit good ole’ Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  But when there is a special Kitty Katwalk Pilloroo waiting for you with a special surprise inside, well, one would think they were in Heaven!  That is exactly what Carlos and Irene of Orange County did for their grandchildren.  There is going to be something new and fun waiting inside the Pilloroo each and everytime one of their grandchilcren come to visit…a new toy, movie tickets, a new book…the list can go on and on.  What a way to make time together even more fun!  I just love hearing all the different and fun ways Pilloroo’s can be shared.

Alaska or Bust!

P1030230Well, my boys are heading to Alaska for 17 days of nothing but fishing and more fishing. But not without their handy-dandy Pilloroos. My son, Gregory, has his fishing Pilloroo with his iPod, cell phone and wallet hidden safely in it’s pouch but is still able to be used as a soft and comfy pillow during the 5 hour flight. And Jacob is carrying his camera in his pillow for that perfect picture opportunity of all the amazing wildlife there in Alaska along the drive from the airport in Anchorage to the fishing town of Soldotna. They are so excited to be there with their dad, doing what they all love to do most, fishing for Sockeye Salmon. Last year, they brought home 450 lbs. of salmon, none in their Pilloroos, thank goodness. Hopefully they will bring home even more this year along with some great memories of their travels in Alaska!

Haas Family Reunion

Reno Aces

Reno Aces

The annual Haas Family Reunion was celebrated over the 4th of July weekend at the brand new stadium of the Reno Aces.  Surrounded by family, great food and America’s favorite past time, life couldn’t get much better.  We had a great time!  My son, Jacob, was even lucky enough to end up with the Grand Slam ball and had it signed by the player who hit it.  He is still beaming with pride.  And guess where that signed Grand Slam ball is right now…that’s right! In his Baseball Bash Pilloroo!  Perfect!  Just another way Pilloroo can be used by your special someone.  If you have any stories to share, let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

Snacks..Of Course!


I just had to share the latest Pilloroo Review from the MommyInsider blog.  This mom packs the snacks for the car in the Pilloroo!  Brilliant!

“Madelyn got a Pilloroo for Christmas and now has 3 comfort blankets and a Pilloroo.  I have to stop the growth of her comfort clan soon or it’s going to get out of control!

Perfect for long car rides, the Pilloroo is an all-in-one comfort item, and toy.. and in our case, a snack carrier too!  When we are going to scouts or going to be in the car for a while, I pack a snack bag and stick it in the Pilloroo pouch for Madelyn to find.  I love the surprised look on her face when there’s something new or different in the Pilloroo pocket.  Now, if I would find a million dollars in there, I would be thrilled.”

One million dollars inside a Pilloroo!  Now that would be great marketing.

Grandparent’s Day!

maureen-boys2As Catholic School’s Week comes to a close at St. Anne’s School, nothing is more memorable for students or their families than the annual Grandparent’s Day Luncheon.  Every year, the students of St. Anne’s School invite their Grandparents for a wonderful afternoon of sharing a meal, meeting their grandchildrens friends and teachers, and getting the guided tour of the playground, “Look Grandma, this is the water fountain I get a drink from everyday and here is where I put my lunch box and this is my best friend Claire and this is where our toys go and…and…and…”   The smile’s on both the childrens’ and Grandparents’ faces are priceless.  I don’t know who is prouder at that moment, walking down the halls, hand in hand, showing off their loved ones…the kids or their Grandparents?  What I do know is that at moments like those, we are all truely blessed.