Elishea – Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Elishea Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Our Pilloroo Kid this week is a top entrepreneur in her 5th grade class at Crestwood Elementary in Visalia.  During the class’s weekly marketplace she sells scented playdough at her business Playdough World.  The first week she priced her playdough at $1.00 a bag and sold out.  What did she do the second week?  She raised her price to $40.00 per bag, and again sold out.  That’s a lot of classroom cash!  Great thinking Elishea!


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Ethan – Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Ethan Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week is Ethan.  Ethan is 2 years old and enjoys running, jumping, and playing.   A super fun kid, very rarely does he slow down.  When he does stop to take a nap, he has his monkey and his custom ordered Pilloroo.  What a cute Pilloroo Kid.  Keep up the fun Ethan!


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Fresno State Students Making a Difference

Fresno State Plush

Every week we highlight great kids.  This week Pilloroo would like to recognize 8 remarkable students from Fresno State University.  This group of marketing students set out to break a World Record for collecting the most plush toys.  In true Fresno State style they knocked it out of the park!  The existing record was 6,00o toys.  Almost doubling the existing record, these students collected a total of 11,527.  They are planning to donate the plush to local charities like Valley Children’s Hospital and the Marjaree Mason Center.  Go Bulldogs!


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Pilloroo Kids of the Week – Crestwood 5th Graders


This week we have an extra exciting 90 Pilloroo Kids of the Week.  The 5th graders at Crestwood Elementary School in Visalia, California deserve a big shout out.  I visited Crestwood on Wednesday to talk about Entrepreneurship.  These students are starting a unit where they will transform their classroom into a mini classroom economy.  They all have business ideas and are developing store fronts and advertising campaigns to compete for classroom dollars.  They promised to send updates to me.  So I will post highlights of this exciting classroom experience.  Good luck to all of you budding entrepreneurs.

I’d also like to send these exceptional kids a Pilloroo Thank you! for being such a great audience and having such intelligent questions and comments.

This bright group also asked how they could win a Pilloroo.  So we have come up with a Commercial Contest.  I can’t wait to see what they create.


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Ashlee – Pilloroo Kid of the Week

ashleeFounder of Ashlee’s Toy Closet

When good intentions couple with a big dream, nothing is impossible.  Ashlee lives in Reno, Nevada and at the young age of 8 has founded an organization dedicated to helping young victims of disasters.  She has sent care packages full of toys to children affected by disasters big and small from fires to floods.  

Ashlee knows how these children affected by these disasters feel.  She was the victim of a house fire in 2005 where she lost all of her toys.  She is now growing her project by leaps and bounds.  “I want to help the little victims in a big way.”  

If you would like to help Ashlee in her cause, you can go to her website AshleesToyCloset.org.  She will also be on Oprah on May 19th.  So you can tune in and see this extraordinary little girl and hear more about her story.  

Thank you Ashlee for inspiring us!


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Dylan – Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week




Here’s Dylan on her bed with her Pilloroo and her journal.  She is a very outgoing little girl.  With a warm smile, a gentle spirit, and boundless energy, she is always looking out for her friends and siblings, and is never shy to stand up for what’s right.

Even though she’s only begun to write full sentences, she loves to keep a journal of all her adventures tucked safely in her Pilloroo.  What a smart Pilloroo Kid!

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Carly Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week



What defines a Pilloroo Kid?  Someone who takes playing and having fun seriously!  Carly is so serious about her climbing and swinging on the monkey bars, she has calluses on her hands.  Now that’s a Pilloroo Kid! Keep up the fun Carly!


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