Sometimes a card just isn’t enough…

Making the baseball team is definitely a reason to celebrate.  We can all remember the extraordinary lessons we’ve learned while playing sports.  Sending a Pilloroo with a special note expressing how proud you are of your slugger is a great way to give an aspiring baseball star a little extra support.

Let us know what you would like written on the note and we will be happy to put it in the pocket when we send out the gift.

Now let’s play ball!


Send Some Sweet Love

Valentine’s Day is all about the love.  Surprise someone with a Pilloroo, and we’ll include a box of Sweethearts candy to make their day oh so much sweeter.

We can even add a note…just write the note in “Special instructions” at checkout.

Happy love day!

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Pilloroo Fun

Watch our biggest Pilloroo fans play with their pillows.  So fun!

A Forever Home…

A forever home.  That’s what every pet deserves, and Pilloroo wants to help.  We have joined the Central California SPCA in their efforts to raise awareness about Pets and Gift Giving.  Too many pets given as gifts end up in shelters.  If you want to give a pet as a gift, a Pilloroo Pet is the perfect solution – it comes with its own forever home -a comfy Pilloroo that’s ready for every adventure.

If you would like to help the SPCA while you’re gift giving, you can order form or stop by their Riverpark Location and purchase a Pilloroo.  For every Pilloroo sold, a donation will be made to the SPCA to help them continue to help our valley’s pets.

Help us spread the word – Pilloroos and their Pets make the perfect gift for Easter, birthdays and especially as great surprises.

Pilloroo is now in The Ultimate Tooth Fairy Store


The thrill of losing a tooth and getting it ready for the Tooth Fairy is a special time in every kid’s life.  The Ultimate Tooth Fairy Store provides hundreds of gifts for making this time even more special.  Many of our young customers have told us about using the secret pouch in their Pilloroo for the perfect spot for the Tooth Fairy to pick up their tooth and leave a little something behind.  The zippered pouch is some extra security against losing that precious gift from the Tooth Fairy.

Now Pilloroo has joined the ever growing list of fabulous Tooth Fairy gifts on the Ultimate Tooth Fairy Store.  Please check out the wonderful collection of gifts they have to offer.

And the next time one of your little friends loses a tooth, make sure they have a safe and secure Pilloroo for their Tooth Fairy transaction!

Something’s waiting for you!

grandmashouseThere is hardly anything better than going to visit good ole’ Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  But when there is a special Kitty Katwalk Pilloroo waiting for you with a special surprise inside, well, one would think they were in Heaven!  That is exactly what Carlos and Irene of Orange County did for their grandchildren.  There is going to be something new and fun waiting inside the Pilloroo each and everytime one of their grandchilcren come to visit…a new toy, movie tickets, a new book…the list can go on and on.  What a way to make time together even more fun!  I just love hearing all the different and fun ways Pilloroo’s can be shared.

A New Gift Idea!

imagesRecently, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful, glowing mother-to-be who purchased two Pilloroos, the Baseball Bash and Fancy Frog.  In conversation, I asked her who she was purchasing the Pilloroos for.  She told me she was getting the pillows for her two older children.  She wanted to get something really special for them to receive for when the baby was born.  That way, they can really have something to celebrate when their new baby brother or sister arrives in just two weeks.  I thought that was a fantastic idea!   Just another way a Pilloroo can be given!  Congratulations to their ever expanding family and Best Wishes from us at Pilloroo!