Packing for a trip is an exciting time for kids.  Wanting to take everything and the kitchen sink is a natural tendency.  One of our smart Pilloroo Moms shared with us her key for keeping toys, books and tiny articles to a manageable minimum: “Whatever fits in your Pilloroo can go!”  This is a fabulous idea!  A couple of books;  a set of action figures; a PSP and the tiny little games that go with it -can all fit in the Pilloroo Pouch and is just enough to keep kids entertained until they fall asleep…Hopefully!


Have You been to Lindsay Lately?


Lindsay, California is a special place.  Home to both BillieJo and myself, it’s where we grew up, went to school, and where we still go for Sunday dinners.  It’s a great little town that just got a big mention in the LA Times Newspaper.  Why?  Lindsay, California is apparently the most tenacious little town in the Central Valley.  It is experiencing a complete makeover and as the article mentions, “something of a rebirth”.  We are so proud of this little town and hope this positive change continues.

Lindsay is where I learned to sew, and it’s where BillieJo and I met to sew our first 30 Pilloroos.  We sat at my mother’s dining room table, with sewing machines at both ends.  I took some time to figure out how I put that little Army pillow of Jacob’s together in the first place, and then we were off and sewing.  Lindsay holds many great memories for me, and it looks like it’s going to continue creating great memories for others as well.  Here is the link to the article in the LA Times:,0,6351258.story

If you are ever looking for something to do, hop on over to Lindsay, California for a great day of fun.

Go Dogs!

Fresno Alumni Pic

Sports fans take their tailgates very seriously, few however can top the fabulous tailgates the Mueller family hosts for both at home and away games for their team the Fresno Bulldogs.  Pilloroo is proud to know that the Bulldog Pilloroo and Timeout the mascot is now a part of these fun filled parties.  Pictured above, Kenny and daughter Mackenzie are enjoying their afternoon with their Pilloroo too!

Something’s waiting for you!

grandmashouseThere is hardly anything better than going to visit good ole’ Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  But when there is a special Kitty Katwalk Pilloroo waiting for you with a special surprise inside, well, one would think they were in Heaven!  That is exactly what Carlos and Irene of Orange County did for their grandchildren.  There is going to be something new and fun waiting inside the Pilloroo each and everytime one of their grandchilcren come to visit…a new toy, movie tickets, a new book…the list can go on and on.  What a way to make time together even more fun!  I just love hearing all the different and fun ways Pilloroo’s can be shared.

Alaska or Bust!

P1030230Well, my boys are heading to Alaska for 17 days of nothing but fishing and more fishing. But not without their handy-dandy Pilloroos. My son, Gregory, has his fishing Pilloroo with his iPod, cell phone and wallet hidden safely in it’s pouch but is still able to be used as a soft and comfy pillow during the 5 hour flight. And Jacob is carrying his camera in his pillow for that perfect picture opportunity of all the amazing wildlife there in Alaska along the drive from the airport in Anchorage to the fishing town of Soldotna. They are so excited to be there with their dad, doing what they all love to do most, fishing for Sockeye Salmon. Last year, they brought home 450 lbs. of salmon, none in their Pilloroos, thank goodness. Hopefully they will bring home even more this year along with some great memories of their travels in Alaska!

Pilloroo at Bentley’s Market this Friday

Bentleys Farmers Market

This Friday, June 26th from 6:00 to 9:00, Pilloroo will join other local artists and businesses at the Outdoor Market at Bentley’s in Fresno.   On the corner of Friant and Fort Washington, Bentley’s market is the finest market and bistro in the valley.  With plenty of outdoor seating and a wonderful menu to choose from, you will feel like you were whisked away to an old world European market. Enjoy the hand picked delights from local farmers and the wonderful designs from local artists.  Every Friday night there is a select group of local businesses sharing the best they have to offer.

This week, Pilloroo will join these businesses.  To celebrate, we will have one lucky Pilloroo priced at only $20.00.  So hop on out out and see the newest additions to our line.  You’ll enjoy your evening, and Pilloroo will be oh so happy to see you!

Writing Valentines…



Writing and receiving Valentine’s Day cards is a fun way to celebrate the holiday.  Valentines Day is this Saturday so there is still time to sit down and write to the people you love and let them know how special you think they are.  Lauren and Tatum received their first cards of the season last week from their Grandma, and they were so happy.  They have kept their cards in their room and every now and again pick them up and have me re-read what Grandma wrote inside the card.  Too cute.

Whether a hand written note, an e-card or photo card there are a lot of easy and creative ways to say I love you.  Websites like e-greetings and have a wide range of e-cards to help you pick the perfect note to send to your online friends.  I was happily surprised to see has a great deal on Valentine’s Day photo cards.  Their website is easy to use, and if your photos are already uploaded, you can create a personalized card in a matter of minutes.  

No matter what you do, just make it small enough to fit in a Pilloroo.  They may just want to keep it forever!