Looking Back and Looking Forward

January is naturally the month for making resolutions and goal setting.  We are busy putting together our 2011 goals and have a lot of great Pilloroo ideas in the works with some new fun ideas on the way.  We keep striving to make Pilloroo better and bigger while being amazed by the successes we have been able to acheive and blessed by the smiles we have seen on our Pillrooo Fan’s faces.

I can’t help but look back.  We are often asked, how did you get started?  It’s with a chuckle, that I explain, “At my mother’s kitchen table; BillieJo on one end and I on the other with our sewing machines buzzing.”  Our first meeting, she brought the pillow I had made for Jacob years prior and with much luck and a few false starts, I figured out how to make it again.  We sewed nearly 75 Pilloroos in the next weeks and signed up for a craft fair in Springville.  With butterflies and high hopes, that’s how we started.


Pilloroo at Bentley’s Market this Friday

Bentleys Farmers Market

This Friday, June 26th from 6:00 to 9:00, Pilloroo will join other local artists and businesses at the Outdoor Market at Bentley’s in Fresno.   On the corner of Friant and Fort Washington, Bentley’s market is the finest market and bistro in the valley.  With plenty of outdoor seating and a wonderful menu to choose from, you will feel like you were whisked away to an old world European market. Enjoy the hand picked delights from local farmers and the wonderful designs from local artists.  Every Friday night there is a select group of local businesses sharing the best they have to offer.

This week, Pilloroo will join these businesses.  To celebrate, we will have one lucky Pilloroo priced at only $20.00.  So hop on out out and see the newest additions to our line.  You’ll enjoy your evening, and Pilloroo will be oh so happy to see you!

They Use Them Every Day!

img_06101Hello everyone! We recently attended the annual St. Anne’s Christmas Craft Fair in Porterville, CA and had a great time meeting new people and hearing all the ooohs and aaahs about our Pilloroos. One gal in particular came up to our booth to look at our Pilloroos and I asked her if she had purchased a Pilloroo from us before because she looked so familiar. She said she purchased 5 of them last year for her grandchildren and, “It was the best investment I ever made. All of them just love their pillows and don’t leave home with out them.” That made my day. Not only to find out that the kids really love their Pilloroos and use them every day, but also to be told that they were the best “investment” ever purchased was awesome. She bought 2 more for her nieces’ children as well. Another satisfied customer and a return customer to boot! It just goes to show that Pilloroos are the perfect gift for that special loved one in all of our lives.

Top Of The Line Show

Well folks, wish Pilloroo luck!  We are on our way to display our Pilloroo’s at the Top Of The Line Show in Visalia, CA.  It is quickly becoming one of the best craft fairs in the Valley with Visalia’s Convention Center packed with vendors with all kinds of unique and home-made products.  We are so proud and excited to display our ‘Go Anywhere Collection’ and look forward to talking with people about our comfy and fun pillows.  It is always so gratifying when mom’s and grandma’s alike tell us how much they love our pillows and can hardly wait to give them to their little loved ones. Please come out to the show and see us and all of the other wonderful gift ideas on display.  Hope to see you there!