Something’s waiting for you!

grandmashouseThere is hardly anything better than going to visit good ole’ Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  But when there is a special Kitty Katwalk Pilloroo waiting for you with a special surprise inside, well, one would think they were in Heaven!  That is exactly what Carlos and Irene of Orange County did for their grandchildren.  There is going to be something new and fun waiting inside the Pilloroo each and everytime one of their grandchilcren come to visit…a new toy, movie tickets, a new book…the list can go on and on.  What a way to make time together even more fun!  I just love hearing all the different and fun ways Pilloroo’s can be shared.


Pilloroo is in Wish Boutique in Yorba Linda, California



Pilloroo is now is Wish Boutique in Yorba Linda, California.  If you are in the Los Angeles area and wishing for a Pilloroo you can find it in this fabulous boutique.  Carrying the best of everything, Wish has top brands like Tea Collection, Juicy Couture and Trumpette.  With an extraordinary collection of unique finds, Wish Boutique offers great customer service.  The owner who is often at the store can help you pick out the perfect gift for your little someone special.  You will have a great time shopping your afternoon way at Wish Boutique.  And you can now find…Pilloroo too!

Pilloroo is in USA Baby in San Dimas


USA Baby and Child Space has the largest selection of cribs, strollers and bedding in the San Dimas area.  Family owned and operated, USA Baby is committed to providing the highest quality necessities and accessories for both baby and child.  The large showroom is a delight to walk through with all of the best brands for children; Lams & Ivy, Graco, BOB and Baby’s Dream just to name a few.  From strollers to bedding sets, USA Baby and Child Space will have something for your little one.  And if they are crazy for Pilloroo, USA baby has that too!

Pilloroo is in Peek a Boo Boutique, LaVerne California



BillieJo is on the road again.  She just called from LaVerne with great news that Pilloroo will be in Peek a Boo boutique in beautiful downtown LaVerne.  This is especially exciting for me.  University of LaVerne is just down the street and is my Alma Matre.  That makes me uniquely credentialed to recommend Warehouse Pizza as the best place to have lunch after shopping at the adorable boutique.

Owned by two moms with exceptional taste, Peek A Boo boutique is just the place to stop to buy a gift or enjoy an afternoon of shopping.  And if you are in the mood for fun, you can play Peek A Boo with a Pilloroo too!