Pilloroo is Jenny Toste’s A-list Pick

It’s official Pilloroo is an A-list gift.  Jenny Toste highlighted it on the morning news on Monday.  “It’s a great gift”  and a perfect place to hide jewelry.  Jenny Toste’s A-list is wonderful distinction for Pilloroo.  Jenny Toste is very selective and names only the very best products and gifts on her list.  We are proud to be a part of her A-list!

Watch Pilloroo on the CBS morning show by clicking here: (Click here to watch the video!)


Who’s Diggin’ Dinosaurs?

TD Monthly Dino Pilloroo

TD Monthly Magazine, the go to guide for all great toys, visited the Dinosaur Farm in Pasadena and discovered the Pilloroo.  Click here to see the video review of the Dino Pilloroo.  Or better yet, make a trip out to beautiful Pasadena, California to the Dinosaur Farm to see the very best collection of dinosaur gifts, games and toys.  They are also on the web at http://www.dinosaurfarm.com/dipi.html.  You can also pick up your very own Dinosaur Pilloroo on Pilloroo.com, where super saver shipping is only $5.00.  However you get your hands on this comfy pillow, you are sure to have some sweet dino dreams!

Pilloroo wins the Moms Best Award!

Click on the image to see a clearer version.

Click on the image to see a clearer version.

Pilloroo Pillows has been chosen for the Moms Best Award!  We are so excited that the panel of judges and their children recognize our pillows as a product to recommend to other moms.  Of course my nephew Jacob, the owner of the first Pilloroo is probably not surprised at all.

Remember to leave a comment for the Pick a Pilloroo Giveaway.  The winner will be announced on December 18th.  Good Luck!