About Us

BillieJo and Vicky have been sister-in-laws for over 16 years.  Vicky has always enjoyed sewing while BillieJo has excelled at taking on extraordinary challenges.  Together, they have launched their new business, Pilloroo Designs.  In this blog they will share the challenges and triumphs of launching a business, while raising their families.


4 Responses

  1. The website and blog look Wonderful!!
    I am so proud you !!!
    I can’t wait to forward the Website to everyone I know, you just tell me when I can start sharing about the pilloroo. Russell loves his Car Pilloroo and takes it
    Isent the website to Natalie, she wrote
    this back:
    That’s adorable…great logo and everything, too!
    I’ll ask her about the boxes and tissue paper.
    I also love all the pictures!!!
    Leslie Jo Stevens

  2. The blog looks great ladies!!

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