Money for a Rainy Day, Ipod, Christmas Presents…

Tatum discovering transparent 2 inOur list continues to grow.  So many things to hide in your favorite Pilloroo.  I love the look of empowerment I see in Lauren and Tatum’s eyes when they decide what to put in their Pilloroos.

At 3 years old, they love having something they are in charge of and making that big decision on their own.  Last week it was a special ring they received as a party favor.  Lauren placed hers in her Cupcake Pilloroo and closed the zipper tight.  Tatum on the other hand has commandeered her Daddy’s custom made Oregon State Pilloroo and placed hers in that one.  She loves using “Daddy’s pillow”.

I love that a Pilloroo so simple, can make them feel so important.


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