Cyber Monday Deal

It’s Cyber Monday and Pilloroo has a fantastic deal for you.  30% off all Pilloroos!  Use coupon code: CHRISTMAS and get the best deal on Pilloroo.  They are the perfect Christmas gift.  Fun and practical – they will use their Pillrooo all year long.

Pilloroos also make great wrapping.  Put a gift card or small gift in the pouch and your special gift is ready to go!

Shop for great Christmas gifts.


Thank you!

The best business advice I have received so far is that building a business is a lot like planting a garden.  This first year we have planted many seeds, and it is only through nurturing those seeds, that our garden will grow.  On this Thanksgiving week, we would like to thank all of our customers and friends who keep encouraging and supporting us.  We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Pilloroo is now in Perfect Pjs

Pilloroo is happy to be in the best online shop for everything for bedtime.  Perfect Pjs has a fabulous selection of luxury pajamas at affordable prices.  From everyday Pjs to special matching Pjs for Christmas Eve, this store is a must visit.  Pajamas are great gifts this time of year as everyone wants to be snug and cozy on cold winter nights.  Find great snuggly pajamas as well as fabulous gifts from Pinkalicious to Chubby Wubby.  You can now find Pilloroo too!  The hidden pouch is the very best place to hide your Pjs during the day!

Friday Nugget: Set Goals that a Barely Acheivable


Building a business and running a family are very similar.  Each is a wonderful challenge that takes much inspiration.  As I learn to juggle both, I thrive on the inspiration of great successes that have come before us.  I’d like to share these with you each Friday.  Just a little nugget to think about and share.

We would love to hear one of your goals.  Share it with us by leaving a comment.  Let’s inspire each other.

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Money for a Rainy Day, Ipod, Christmas Presents…

Tatum discovering transparent 2 inOur list continues to grow.  So many things to hide in your favorite Pilloroo.  I love the look of empowerment I see in Lauren and Tatum’s eyes when they decide what to put in their Pilloroos.

At 3 years old, they love having something they are in charge of and making that big decision on their own.  Last week it was a special ring they received as a party favor.  Lauren placed hers in her Cupcake Pilloroo and closed the zipper tight.  Tatum on the other hand has commandeered her Daddy’s custom made Oregon State Pilloroo and placed hers in that one.  She loves using “Daddy’s pillow”.

I love that a Pilloroo so simple, can make them feel so important.

What Would You Hide in Your Pilloroo?

Dino 400Pilloroo has been on the road lately, and we have had one Big Question, “What would you hide in your Pilloroo?”  It has been so exciting hearing about what Pilloroo Fans are saying.  All of the fun and special things that can be hidden in the Pilloroo Pouch, are as different as every kid and adult who answers.  We thought we would share the answers, so we started a list.  Let’s see how big it will grow.

Come play with us, and add your own answer.  Leave a comment on this post, and we will add your answer to our ever growing list.  You can even forward this to a friend and invite them to play too.

Let us know the unique treasure you will leave hiding in your Pilloroo!