Go Dogs!

Fresno Alumni Pic

Sports fans take their tailgates very seriously, few however can top the fabulous tailgates the Mueller family hosts for both at home and away games for their team the Fresno Bulldogs.  Pilloroo is proud to know that the Bulldog Pilloroo and Timeout the mascot is now a part of these fun filled parties.  Pictured above, Kenny and daughter Mackenzie are enjoying their afternoon with their Pilloroo too!


Thank You for Choosing Pilloroo

Yesterday, I heard of another great business here in Fresno that has gone under due to the struggling economy.  Jax Junglehouse, a fabulous drop-in daycare center, was started by two friends with years of experience with kids.   The business women spent two years creating their business plan and executed it beautifully with a top notch facility that was not only fun, but welcoming to every child that walked through their doors.  Reading the goodbye letter that they sent out to all of their customers, I was overwhelmed with sadness to hear they couldn’t stay open anymore due to the economy.

Pilloroo is still in its first year of business.  Every day is a new learning experience and we are realizing that successful businesses are built on a lot more than just hard work and dedication.  With stories like Jax Junglehouse, we are realizing there is a fair amount of luck involved as well.  So I want to thank you all today, our Pilloroo supporters, because it is you that are truly giving us the “luck” we need.

Every time you take a Pilloroo to a party as a birthday present, baby shower gift or tell a friend about “this cool new product called the Pilloroo”, you help us get a little closer to our dream.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! We couldn’t do it without you!

A Comforting Gift for a New Freshman

Dorm Warming PilloroosThe transition from High School student to College Freshman is a tough one for even the most independent student.  Sending a Pilloroo with an encouraging note in the hidden pocket is a wonderful way to tell a new Freshman “You can do it”.

For a limited time, we’re offering free shipping on our Pilloroos.  Use the coupon code “BACK TO SCHOOL” and send a comfy Pilloroo to your favorite student for free.  Go to Pilloroo.com to choose the perfect Pilloroo.  E-mail us special instructions and we’ll be happy to customize it for you.