Pilloroo at Bentley’s Market this Friday

Bentleys Farmers Market

This Friday, June 26th from 6:00 to 9:00, Pilloroo will join other local artists and businesses at the Outdoor Market at Bentley’s in Fresno.   On the corner of Friant and Fort Washington, Bentley’s market is the finest market and bistro in the valley.  With plenty of outdoor seating and a wonderful menu to choose from, you will feel like you were whisked away to an old world European market. Enjoy the hand picked delights from local farmers and the wonderful designs from local artists.  Every Friday night there is a select group of local businesses sharing the best they have to offer.

This week, Pilloroo will join these businesses.  To celebrate, we will have one lucky Pilloroo priced at only $20.00.  So hop on out out and see the newest additions to our line.  You’ll enjoy your evening, and Pilloroo will be oh so happy to see you!


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  1. I was there. It is a beautiful market. They also have a great deli and a wonderful bakery. The Pilloroo display was fantastic. I plan to visit the Farmer’s Market again soon. I enjoy checking out all the different polloroos. There is one for every age group and hobby or sports activity.

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