The Perfect Packaging for our Pilloroo


Choosing the right packaging for our Pilloroo was something that took a lot of time and effort.  As a shopper, I always took for granted packaging.  Skimming store aisles, I would pick up products that caught my attention.  Designing the packaging for Pilloroo, we realized how much goes into thinking through every detail of a product’s packaging.  We started looking at great brands differently.  Going back to our favorite stores like Target, Carmel Kids, Macy’s, this time as students, we observed everything from how the products sit on the shelves to how the packaging communicates the brand.

Pictured above are mock ups that I actually made in my office.  Cutting, pasting, redesigning, hours were spent trying new and different ways to present the Pilloroo in a way that was fun while showing customers the hidden pouch.

We’ve received many compliments on our packaging.  Many kudos coming from long time exprerts in the industry.  It’s a great feeling when hard work pays off!


One Response

  1. You made very good choices in the packaging. The displays make me want to pick up the pillow and check it out.

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