Elishea – Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Elishea Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Our Pilloroo Kid this week is a top entrepreneur in her 5th grade class at Crestwood Elementary in Visalia.  During the class’s weekly marketplace she sells scented playdough at her business Playdough World.  The first week she priced her playdough at $1.00 a bag and sold out.  What did she do the second week?  She raised her price to $40.00 per bag, and again sold out.  That’s a lot of classroom cash!  Great thinking Elishea!


Know a great thinker?  Let us spotlight your awesome kid.  E-mail us at info(at)pilloroo.com.


2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe that a person will pay $40.00 for something that was $1.00 the week before. Did I read it right?

  2. That’s right, the play dough was a hit! She was a great
    business person.. I am very proud of her!

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