Pilloroo at Bentley’s Market this Friday

Bentleys Farmers Market

This Friday, June 26th from 6:00 to 9:00, Pilloroo will join other local artists and businesses at the Outdoor Market at Bentley’s in Fresno.   On the corner of Friant and Fort Washington, Bentley’s market is the finest market and bistro in the valley.  With plenty of outdoor seating and a wonderful menu to choose from, you will feel like you were whisked away to an old world European market. Enjoy the hand picked delights from local farmers and the wonderful designs from local artists.  Every Friday night there is a select group of local businesses sharing the best they have to offer.

This week, Pilloroo will join these businesses.  To celebrate, we will have one lucky Pilloroo priced at only $20.00.  So hop on out out and see the newest additions to our line.  You’ll enjoy your evening, and Pilloroo will be oh so happy to see you!


The Perfect Packaging for our Pilloroo


Choosing the right packaging for our Pilloroo was something that took a lot of time and effort.  As a shopper, I always took for granted packaging.  Skimming store aisles, I would pick up products that caught my attention.  Designing the packaging for Pilloroo, we realized how much goes into thinking through every detail of a product’s packaging.  We started looking at great brands differently.  Going back to our favorite stores like Target, Carmel Kids, Macy’s, this time as students, we observed everything from how the products sit on the shelves to how the packaging communicates the brand.

Pictured above are mock ups that I actually made in my office.  Cutting, pasting, redesigning, hours were spent trying new and different ways to present the Pilloroo in a way that was fun while showing customers the hidden pouch.

We’ve received many compliments on our packaging.  Many kudos coming from long time exprerts in the industry.  It’s a great feeling when hard work pays off!

Elishea – Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Elishea Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Our Pilloroo Kid this week is a top entrepreneur in her 5th grade class at Crestwood Elementary in Visalia.  During the class’s weekly marketplace she sells scented playdough at her business Playdough World.  The first week she priced her playdough at $1.00 a bag and sold out.  What did she do the second week?  She raised her price to $40.00 per bag, and again sold out.  That’s a lot of classroom cash!  Great thinking Elishea!


Know a great thinker?  Let us spotlight your awesome kid.  E-mail us at info(at)pilloroo.com.

Assembling a Team

Team 2

Getting a product to market takes a great deal of work. It also takes a great team of people.  After we tested Pilloroo at local craft fairs, we knew we had to get more Pilloroos produced and go big.  A good friend of ours suggested we call the Lyles Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Fresno State.  That was the single most important thing we did for our business.  We were invited to take part in the Dogworks program that helps develop, market and commercialize ideas such as ours.  The team there is fabulous and in our first months there, they helped us add players to our Pilloroo team.  First, the patent attorney Richard Ryan from Fresno, then the graphic designers of Five Creative Group, also here in Fresno.  And after many phone calls and lots of searching, we found manufactures and packaging for our Pilloroos in the Los Angeles area.  One of the things we are most proud of is using California based businesses.

As we grow Pilloroo, our team of people will ultimately expand.  This core of people who helped us from the very beginning will always hold a special spot in our Pilloroo hearts!