Building a Business … Continued

Test Market

How do you know if your idea is a great one?  If you can sell it, then you’ll know.  We started very simply.  Keeping our cost to a minimum, we set up this booth at a local craft fair and waited to see the reaction.  BillieJo and I set up the booth at sunrise, had a cup of coffee and waited for people to arrive.  “What is this?” was the most popular question asked by adults.  Kids, however, had a different response.  Their curiosity drew them in.  When they discovered there were toys in the pockets of all the pillows, their reactions were priceless.  Some grabbed the pillows and had to have them right away.  Many dragged their parents back to our booth to get one before they left.  We will never forget the people who asked “Who invented this?” or “Do you have your own store?”.  We especially loved the people who said we were going to be millionaires, or our favorite, “You’re going to be on Oprah!”

As we took all of this in, we really did record which ones we were selling the most of and which ones were not that popular.  Our 5th grade friends at Crestwood Elementary in Visalia who are starting their own businesses for their classroom economy were surprised to hear that starting out was really this easy.  Testing our idea was the easy part.  Turning the idea into a business was hard part.  Next week I’ll talk about what we did to build the team of people that helped us launch Pilloroo!


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  1. It is real interesting hearing how you started your business. I look forward to next week to hear more about it.

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