Pilloroo Kids of the Week – Crestwood 5th Graders


This week we have an extra exciting 90 Pilloroo Kids of the Week.  The 5th graders at Crestwood Elementary School in Visalia, California deserve a big shout out.  I visited Crestwood on Wednesday to talk about Entrepreneurship.  These students are starting a unit where they will transform their classroom into a mini classroom economy.  They all have business ideas and are developing store fronts and advertising campaigns to compete for classroom dollars.  They promised to send updates to me.  So I will post highlights of this exciting classroom experience.  Good luck to all of you budding entrepreneurs.

I’d also like to send these exceptional kids a Pilloroo Thank you! for being such a great audience and having such intelligent questions and comments.

This bright group also asked how they could win a Pilloroo.  So we have come up with a Commercial Contest.  I can’t wait to see what they create.


If you know an exceptional group of kids, we would love to share their story. E-mail us info(at)pilloroo.com.


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  1. [My mom picked out my email] What is the commercial contest about,or the theme.

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