Getting Started


Every entrepreneur has to start somewhere.  Usually it starts with an idea or a dream and then finally the courage to get started.  For Billie Jo and I, it was over lunch.  “Why don’t we sell pillows like the one you made for Jacob?”  We couldn’t have guessed where that one little question would take us.  Initially, it took us right down to the fabric store to find some fabric to make some pillows.  We then met at Mom’s house with our sewing machines to see if I could figure out how the pillows went together.

Midway through the day as we sewed away, we brainstormed names.  Billie Jo shouted, Pilloroo!  Everyone loved the name, Mom, Jim and even the golden retriever Sophia.

We are no longer sewing the Pilloroos ourselves, but we are still on the journey to see where our idea will take us.  Tomorrow, I am going to Crestwood Elementary School in Visalia to talk to 90 5th Graders about our journey as entrepreneurs.  Above is the first slide to the Powerpoint.  “Sew Samples”.  Sometimes the first step is not as hard as it seems.  

These 5th graders are starting a unit in entrepreneurship where they will all build businesses that will compete for classroom dollars in their Classroom Micro Economy.  It will surely be an exciting day.  I can hardly wait to hear all of their great ideas!


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