Ethan – Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Ethan Pilloroo Kid of the Week

Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week is Ethan.  Ethan is 2 years old and enjoys running, jumping, and playing.   A super fun kid, very rarely does he slow down.  When he does stop to take a nap, he has his monkey and his custom ordered Pilloroo.  What a cute Pilloroo Kid.  Keep up the fun Ethan!


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Tune In to Oprah Tomorrow Tuesday May 19

Ashley's toy closet

Ashley will be on Oprah tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19th.  Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week last month, Ashley founded her own foundation to help kids who have been affected by disasters.  After losing her own toys in a house fire, Ashley started this organization to help kids who have lost all of their toys due to fire or natural disaster.  Tomorrow she will join Oprah via Skype to share her story with the world.  We are so proud of Ashley.  

You can also check out her new website at:  Go Ashley!

Building a Business … Continued

Test Market

How do you know if your idea is a great one?  If you can sell it, then you’ll know.  We started very simply.  Keeping our cost to a minimum, we set up this booth at a local craft fair and waited to see the reaction.  BillieJo and I set up the booth at sunrise, had a cup of coffee and waited for people to arrive.  “What is this?” was the most popular question asked by adults.  Kids, however, had a different response.  Their curiosity drew them in.  When they discovered there were toys in the pockets of all the pillows, their reactions were priceless.  Some grabbed the pillows and had to have them right away.  Many dragged their parents back to our booth to get one before they left.  We will never forget the people who asked “Who invented this?” or “Do you have your own store?”.  We especially loved the people who said we were going to be millionaires, or our favorite, “You’re going to be on Oprah!”

As we took all of this in, we really did record which ones we were selling the most of and which ones were not that popular.  Our 5th grade friends at Crestwood Elementary in Visalia who are starting their own businesses for their classroom economy were surprised to hear that starting out was really this easy.  Testing our idea was the easy part.  Turning the idea into a business was hard part.  Next week I’ll talk about what we did to build the team of people that helped us launch Pilloroo!

Fresno State Students Making a Difference

Fresno State Plush

Every week we highlight great kids.  This week Pilloroo would like to recognize 8 remarkable students from Fresno State University.  This group of marketing students set out to break a World Record for collecting the most plush toys.  In true Fresno State style they knocked it out of the park!  The existing record was 6,00o toys.  Almost doubling the existing record, these students collected a total of 11,527.  They are planning to donate the plush to local charities like Valley Children’s Hospital and the Marjaree Mason Center.  Go Bulldogs!


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Free Shipping on Cal Berkeley Pilloroos


With graduation and summer traveling just around the corner, we’re giving you free shipping on the Cal Berkeley Pilloroo along with our other 19 different designs.  The Pilloroo is a great gift.  The hidden pocket always holds a fun surprise and it’s customizable.  Fill it with a card, a note or a gift card.  When they look at their Pilloroo, they will always think of you!


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Pilloroo; Live on our Local News

Channel 24

Job number one in launching a new product is getting people to know you are out there.  Last week we got the opportunity to be filmed live with Alex Delgado of Channel 24.  So we put our nerves aside and jumped at the chance to be on her show. I’ve never been behind the scenes of a TV show before, so I was curious to see how it worked.  When we arrived, we requested to display our pillows so we were directed to a room that looked like a staging area.  There we got our Pilloroos ready on a rolling table, were “miked” and proceeded to wait for the next set on instructions.

Soon the doors in front of us flew open.  A stage manager rolled us into the room and in front of three cameras.  Here comes Alex Delgado with a few instructions, and enormous amount of infectious energy and a little nudge, “30 seconds”.  She told us where to stand, where to look, and we were on!  A true professional, Alex instantly put us at ease and made us feel like we were having a light conversation with a friend.  It was a pleasure meeting her and a fabulous experience being behind the scenes of her TV show Central Valley Today.  You can watch the video by clicking on this link: .


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Pilloroo Kids of the Week – Crestwood 5th Graders


This week we have an extra exciting 90 Pilloroo Kids of the Week.  The 5th graders at Crestwood Elementary School in Visalia, California deserve a big shout out.  I visited Crestwood on Wednesday to talk about Entrepreneurship.  These students are starting a unit where they will transform their classroom into a mini classroom economy.  They all have business ideas and are developing store fronts and advertising campaigns to compete for classroom dollars.  They promised to send updates to me.  So I will post highlights of this exciting classroom experience.  Good luck to all of you budding entrepreneurs.

I’d also like to send these exceptional kids a Pilloroo Thank you! for being such a great audience and having such intelligent questions and comments.

This bright group also asked how they could win a Pilloroo.  So we have come up with a Commercial Contest.  I can’t wait to see what they create.


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