Pilloroo is in Wish Boutique in Yorba Linda, California



Pilloroo is now is Wish Boutique in Yorba Linda, California.  If you are in the Los Angeles area and wishing for a Pilloroo you can find it in this fabulous boutique.  Carrying the best of everything, Wish has top brands like Tea Collection, Juicy Couture and Trumpette.  With an extraordinary collection of unique finds, Wish Boutique offers great customer service.  The owner who is often at the store can help you pick out the perfect gift for your little someone special.  You will have a great time shopping your afternoon way at Wish Boutique.  And you can now find…Pilloroo too!


Danni Pilloroo Kid of the Week



Here’s Danni on her bed with her Pilloroo.  A very private and shy little princess, she is always looking for a great hiding spot for her most prized possessions.  She is the middle child in a family of six including younger twin brothers.  With her Pilloroo, she keeps her most special things on her bed safely hiding – in plain sight.  Danni is such a clever Pilloroo Kid of the Week!

We think Kids are awesome.  Want to recognize an awesome child you know?  Send us a photo and tell us all the great things about him or her.  E-mail us at vicky@pilloroo.com and he or she could be our next Pilloroo Kid of the Week.



Pilloroo the Extreme Pillow


“The Pilloroo…is a smart idea and a great gift for children.”

When Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to Fresno and built a home for a local family in need, Pilloroo sent a pillow to one of the top designers on the show, Didi Snyder.  Her review, “Pilloroo is a smart idea and a great gift for children.”  Meeting Didi in person was a great experience.  She is as warm and genuine in person as she appears on the show.

Didi is part of something so special, it was an honor to see first hand how the team transformed the Fresno house into a customized home for the local family whose mom was born with no legs and one arm.  Mary Ann Riojas is truly an extraordinary woman, and it was nice to see the Extreme Makeover team including Didi work so hard creating a home that helps her everyday chores seem so much easier.

Pick 3; Spend 50


It has been a great experience meeting the owners of the small boutiques and toy stores throughout California.  Some of these exceptional entrepreneurs have been in business for 50+ years.  Starting a business myself, I now know well what an accomplishment that is.  It is fun to see the differences in these small stores.  Owners and managers of these small establishments take so much pride in carefully selecting and displaying products they feel their customers will love, each store reflects the personalities of the business people behind them.  

So when I heard about the 3/50 project, I wanted to spread the word.  Think of 3 independently owned businesses you wouldn’t want to live without, and make an effort to spend $50 dollars a month in those locally owned stores.  The icing on the cake?  Knowing more of your dollars are staying in your local community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures.

You can find out more about this project at http://the350project.net/home.html.

Want to help spread the word?  Forward this blog post or the 3/50 link to a couple of friends.  Working together and helping each other will get us all through these times quicker and easier.  Happy Shopping!

Dylan – Our Pilloroo Kid of the Week




Here’s Dylan on her bed with her Pilloroo and her journal.  She is a very outgoing little girl.  With a warm smile, a gentle spirit, and boundless energy, she is always looking out for her friends and siblings, and is never shy to stand up for what’s right.

Even though she’s only begun to write full sentences, she loves to keep a journal of all her adventures tucked safely in her Pilloroo.  What a smart Pilloroo Kid!

Know a great Kid?  Send us a picture and he or she could be our next Pilloroo Kid of the Week!


Send pics to vicky@pilloroo.com.  Thank you!

Pilloroo is now in Kids Army Store



A must visit store on the web, The Kids Army Store has the best selection of Army products and clothing we have ever seen.  For the child who is into camo, this story is a dream come true.  It is hard to find creative Army toys, bedding and clothing for kids, and this store offers a one stop location for the best that is out there.  The first Pilloroo ever, made for Jacob as a Christmas present, was an Army Pilloroo.  So we are especially excited to be working with this fantastic store. Offering everything from party supplies to dress up clothes, this store has it all.  And now they have the Army Adventure Pilloroo too!

Win a Cowboy Pilloroo!


The popular blog, A Cowboy’s Wife has reviewed the Pilloroo and given it two thumbs up.  YEEHAW!  This adorable little cowboy loves his Pilloroo.  He takes it to bed with him and in the car.  

We are so excited about this giveaway, we are offering a 20% off coupon on all Pilloroos on our website.  Just enter the coupon code COWBOY at checkout.  So round up those Pilloroos you’ve been eyeing for those little cowpokes you love. And remember to enter the Cowboy Giveaway.  Deadline is April 19th and you just have to leave a comment on the blog to enter.  Giddy up!