Blake – Pilloroo Kid of the Week



Everyone love cupcakes, but our Kid of the Week is using this sweet treat to make a difference, one crumb at a time.  A chemo survivor herself, Blake was inspired by a young friend’s own battle with leukemia.  Pulling together a “Cupcake Crew“, Blake and her friends began selling cupcakes for a dollar in their home town of Solvang, California.  Raising $5,000.00 in just the first 6 weeks, Blake and her friends have infected their hometown with “Cupcake Fever” showing up at city events and schools with their pink and brown cupcake parlor raising money for cancer research one cupcake at a time.

Blake is not stopping with her home town either.  She is ready to inspire other kids to join her Cupcake Crew.  Kids who are interested in setting up their own Cupcakes for Cancer bake sale can go to her website or e-mail Blake at and receive a cupcake box starter kit with everything they need to become the Cupcake Angel in their hometown.  Blake is surely extraordinary.


There are kids out there doing great things every day.  If you know a kid who should be recognized as a Pilloroo Kid of the Week for something big or small, please e-mail us at  We believe kids doing great things is a big deal.


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  1. We sure have some wonderful people in this world. Also, it looks to me like the next generation will take good care of everything and everyone. At least they will give a good effort.
    This type of caring is very contageous.

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