Support Military Momz


Every mom is special.  However, the ones that have to brave sending their children to protect our country are extraordinary.  So when Pilloroo had the opportunity to sponsor a giveaway, we jumped at the chance.  Please visit to enter to win the Army Adventure Pilloroo.  While you are there you can say Hi and show support to the amazing mom who runs the blog.  You can also find out about her courageous son….he’s coming home soon too – so you can find out when.

Let us send out a big Pilloroo Thank You! to all the brave men and women who sacrifice every day to protect our American Dream.


2 Responses

  1. I do appreciate all that our armed men and women give up to defend us.

    That pilloroo is awesome!

  2. I received the pilloroo that I won. It is really neat! I also appreciate all our men and women who are fighting for our country. I will have to let you know about the “Kid of the Week” feature. My children are very private when it comes to the internet, and my grandson is 12. Thank you so much. I know he will like it.

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