Pilloroo is on the Road!

17 cities in just 3 days.  Billie Jo has loaded up the car with Pilloroos and hit the road.  She has her route set out and is scheduled to visit boutiques and toy stores, looking for the perfect places for our Pilloroo.  

Her first stop will be Paso Robles, California.  She will then visit Cambria and Cayucos.  Once she gets to Morro Bay, she will hop onto Highway 101 and visit more beautiful coastal cities along the way.  When she hits Oxnard, she will turn around and head back home coming through Santa Clarita, Valencia and Bakersfield.  She has a lot of work ahead of her – but she is excited to show this pillow with a hidden pouch to new retailers who are looking for a great product for their customers.

We wish her luck and hope she finds some fabulous stores to carry the Pilloroo.  We’ll keep you updated on her progress.  

If you have a favorite store in any of these towns that you think would be great for Pilloroo or you just want to cheer Billie Jo on, please leave us a comment.

Central Coast, here we come!


2 Responses

  1. Good Luck, Billie Jo. Have fun and lots of success on the road. I got a pilloroo for Christmas, and I love it. Wonder how many 65 year old grandmas can say that they have their own pilloroo??? They are designed for kids, but adults love them too!!! What creative Moms you are. Best wishes as your company grows and expands!!! Watch out world–Pilloroos are coming to a store near you!! Be the first in your area to own one.

  2. Keep on truckin’ Billie Jo! You are a terrific sales lady. I bet you will get those stores filled with Pilloroos.

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