Pilloroo Kid of the Week


Heroes come in all ages – for me this one is just 3.  In three short years he has become one of my “most influential people”.  Born a premie, Russell fought for a month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until he was strong and healthy enough to go home.  He is an inspiration to me and a strong reminder of how precious life is.

Almost three years later, Russell has been diagnosed with stage 3 Burkitt’s Lymphoma.  He was diagnosed at Thanksgiving and immediately started chemotherapy treatments as he fought for his life.   It has been three months.  He had his last treatment today and all is looking good.   This tiny but mighty guy continues to remind me to be grateful for every day.

As Russell completes his treatment, we are still praying that he regains his health and can go back to his rambunctious and carefree days.  You can follow his amazing  journey at boywonder.typepad.com.

Russell’s tenacity and positive spirit has inspired us to celebrate exceptional children here on Blogging Pilloroo.  There are kids out there doing great things every day.  Some are big like knocking out childhood diseases and others are not as big like setting good examples.

If you know a kid who should be recognized as a Pilloroo Kid of the Week for something great, please e-mail us at vicky@pilloroo.com.  We beleive kids doing great things are a big deal.


Pilloroo is Now in California Images


We are so excited to add another fabulous store to our growing list.  California Images is in beautiful Morro Bay, California. Right on the water front, California Images has a great collection for both children and adults.  In addition to Pilloroo, they carry everything from jewelry to beach toys.  They also have a fun selection of Life is Good clothing.  Morro Bay has always been one of my favorite getaways.  The smell of the fresh ocean air and the wonder of the great Morro Rock are reasons alone to travel to this vacation destination for the day or the weekend.  And now – you can pick up a Pilloroo and snuggle up to fun on your ride home.

Pilloroo Roadtrip Update

“It’s fun to see their eyes light up when I show them our pillows.”  Billie Jo is having a great time introducing the Pilloroo to new store owners on her roadtrip.   Two stores have purchased Pilloroos on the spot,  Splendid Things in San Luis Obispo and The Sky’s The Limit in Pismo Beach.  The owners are excited about our pillows, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them.  

On to more stores!  Billie Jo is putting the pedal to the metal to get our Pilloroos to a store near you!

Pilloroo is on the Road!

17 cities in just 3 days.  Billie Jo has loaded up the car with Pilloroos and hit the road.  She has her route set out and is scheduled to visit boutiques and toy stores, looking for the perfect places for our Pilloroo.  

Her first stop will be Paso Robles, California.  She will then visit Cambria and Cayucos.  Once she gets to Morro Bay, she will hop onto Highway 101 and visit more beautiful coastal cities along the way.  When she hits Oxnard, she will turn around and head back home coming through Santa Clarita, Valencia and Bakersfield.  She has a lot of work ahead of her – but she is excited to show this pillow with a hidden pouch to new retailers who are looking for a great product for their customers.

We wish her luck and hope she finds some fabulous stores to carry the Pilloroo.  We’ll keep you updated on her progress.  

If you have a favorite store in any of these towns that you think would be great for Pilloroo or you just want to cheer Billie Jo on, please leave us a comment.

Central Coast, here we come!

Snacks..Of Course!


I just had to share the latest Pilloroo Review from the MommyInsider blog.  This mom packs the snacks for the car in the Pilloroo!  Brilliant!

“Madelyn got a Pilloroo for Christmas and now has 3 comfort blankets and a Pilloroo.  I have to stop the growth of her comfort clan soon or it’s going to get out of control!

Perfect for long car rides, the Pilloroo is an all-in-one comfort item, and toy.. and in our case, a snack carrier too!  When we are going to scouts or going to be in the car for a while, I pack a snack bag and stick it in the Pilloroo pouch for Madelyn to find.  I love the surprised look on her face when there’s something new or different in the Pilloroo pocket.  Now, if I would find a million dollars in there, I would be thrilled.”

One million dollars inside a Pilloroo!  Now that would be great marketing.

Writing Valentines…



Writing and receiving Valentine’s Day cards is a fun way to celebrate the holiday.  Valentines Day is this Saturday so there is still time to sit down and write to the people you love and let them know how special you think they are.  Lauren and Tatum received their first cards of the season last week from their Grandma, and they were so happy.  They have kept their cards in their room and every now and again pick them up and have me re-read what Grandma wrote inside the card.  Too cute.

Whether a hand written note, an e-card or photo card there are a lot of easy and creative ways to say I love you.  Websites like e-greetings and Hallmark.com have a wide range of e-cards to help you pick the perfect note to send to your online friends.  I was happily surprised to see Costco.com has a great deal on Valentine’s Day photo cards.  Their website is easy to use, and if your photos are already uploaded, you can create a personalized card in a matter of minutes.  

No matter what you do, just make it small enough to fit in a Pilloroo.  They may just want to keep it forever!

Pilloroos just got Sweeter


February is here and it is time to start thinking about sweet little gifts for the sweet little people in our lives.  Pilloroos are sweet and snuggly and now for the month of February in addition to the little surprise tucked inside our pouches we are tucking in a little something extra – a box of Sweetheart Candies.  

At Pilloroo.com, shipping is free and we have many designs to choose from.  So send a soft snuggly surprise to a little darling that would love to know you are thinking of them.  Their sweet tooth will appreciate it!