Pilloroo is in Visalia!


Pilloroo can now be found in Visalia!  The Pauline Collection, located on Visalia’s lovely and nostalgic Main Street, is the newest carrier of Pilloroo pillows.  The owner, Elizabeth McClelland, is very excited about the addition of Pilloroo to her store.  Not only does she carry Pilloroo and other cute children’s products, but also carries handcrafted jewelry, scarves & clothing, woven afghans, ceramics, handblown glass, home fragrances and much more.  Her store is a delight to shop in, and being right across the street from Starbucks Coffee, anyone can grab their favorite drink and go browse to their heart’s delight.  Stop by and visit, you will love the experience!


3 Responses

  1. Very nice. I’m excited that you are now selling locally. 🙂 Cheers to you!!!

  2. I will try to visit the store. It sounds like a fun shopping trip. I hope the pilloroos are all sold out.

  3. I just saw the army blog. It looks great. Any little boy would love to have a camo pillow.

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