Extreme Makeover Home Edition comes to Fresno

extreme-home-makeover-copy1Saws are buzzing here in Fresno.  The Extreme Makeover crew arrived last week and chose a much deserving family to be the recipient of a brand new home.  It has been amazing to see this team work to accomplish the amazing feat of building a home in just 7 days.  Tearing the home down on Saturday, they will have a beautiful brand new home custom built for the family by Thursday.

One of the stipulations of the project is that all materials and labor must be donated.  McCarthy Building Companies, was happy to step up and donate a large share of the lumber and labor for the furniture in the house.  My husband being their Project Manager here in Fresno, has been able to share in the labor.  It has been fun for him and his extremely talented crew to work on this amazing project.  He spent much of the weekend and now his evenings at the home helping to make each detail perfect for this special family.  It has been an honor for him to be able to help.

Extreme Makeover is partnering with DeYoung Homes here in Fresno to provide this family of 5 with the home of their dreams.  It will be customized for the mother who was born with no legs and only one fully developed arm.  This amazing woman has raised four children and lived independently despite her disabilities.   You can read more about this inspiring family at ExtremeDeYoung.com.

Great work Fresno!


3 Responses

  1. I hope there will be new pilloroos to welcome the family to their new home! Maybe pilloroos designed around the children’s interests/hobbies!

  2. Hooray for McCarthy and their Project Manager. I am overjoyed just thinking of all the people who donated their time and materials to help this deserving family. There are a lot of good people in this world. Regarding Pilloroo –It would be nice to have material with a construction design as a memento of this great project – for the family to save.

  3. How proud you must be of your wonderful husband, Ian. It was amazing to see all of the volunteers, and how quickly the project was completed.

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