Grandparent’s Day!

maureen-boys2As Catholic School’s Week comes to a close at St. Anne’s School, nothing is more memorable for students or their families than the annual Grandparent’s Day Luncheon.  Every year, the students of St. Anne’s School invite their Grandparents for a wonderful afternoon of sharing a meal, meeting their grandchildrens friends and teachers, and getting the guided tour of the playground, “Look Grandma, this is the water fountain I get a drink from everyday and here is where I put my lunch box and this is my best friend Claire and this is where our toys go and…and…and…”   The smile’s on both the childrens’ and Grandparents’ faces are priceless.  I don’t know who is prouder at that moment, walking down the halls, hand in hand, showing off their loved ones…the kids or their Grandparents?  What I do know is that at moments like those, we are all truely blessed.


Mommy Millionaire Magazine

mommy-millionaire-blog-copy2Early on in our journey, a fellow mom in business recommended BillieJo and I read the book Mommy Millionaire.  It has been one of the most helpful tools we’ve used in navigating our way through this process of launching a product.  The author Kim Lavine has a wonderful “best girlfriend” style of writing.  The book reads easily as she tells how she took her “Wuvit” from a gift for her child’s teacher to a top selling product.

When I found out she hosted a forum where aspiring entrepreneurs can gather, ask questions and share ideas, I joined right away.  She just recently launched an online magazine and requested that Pilloroo contribute an article.  I feel indebted to her and always love to help, so I submitted an article that shares some of our company’s accomplishments.  You can check out the article at  You can also post a comment to let her know you stopped by.  She is a wonderful inspiration and has a passion for helping women help each other.

A Great Collection of Learning Toys

freckles-and-pigtails-blogWe are so excited to add another quality boutique to the growing list of stores that carry the Pilloroo.  Freckles & Pigtails is an online boutique that carries the very best, carefully selected toys.  With a focus on learning, Freckles & Pigtails has a fabulous selection of fun toys for boys and girls.  To make gift selection easy, the site also has an easy to use page to help customers select toys that are developmentally appropriate for different age groups.

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday or special occasion, Freckles & Pigtails is a fabulous online boutique that makes your shopping experience easy and enjoyable.  You can also check out their blog at  The blog is featuring the Pilloroo today.  If you have time to stop by and leave a comment, the owner would love to hear from you!

Roses are Red…

valentines-day-sale-cupcakeOne of my favorite holidays by far is Valentine’s Day.  I love recognizing the ones I love, letting them know how wonderful I think they are.  When I was teaching 5th grade, we would spend the day making special cards for our Moms and Grandmas.  I always enjoyed watching all of the kids take such great care in designing the cards and struggling to find the right words to put in the middle.  Of course most of them were using the poem “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue”, but they still wanted to change that last line to make their poem especially unique.  I know the women who received these gifts at the end of the day loved the cards, but it was more than likely the thoughts inside that they cherished the most.

We are currently taking pre-orders for Valentine’s Day Pilloroos.  We can help you customize a card to hide inside for the lucky recipient.  We also have some suggestions on how to start!

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

You’re so special

I’m sending you

A Pilloroo

Pilloroo is in Visalia!


Pilloroo can now be found in Visalia!  The Pauline Collection, located on Visalia’s lovely and nostalgic Main Street, is the newest carrier of Pilloroo pillows.  The owner, Elizabeth McClelland, is very excited about the addition of Pilloroo to her store.  Not only does she carry Pilloroo and other cute children’s products, but also carries handcrafted jewelry, scarves & clothing, woven afghans, ceramics, handblown glass, home fragrances and much more.  Her store is a delight to shop in, and being right across the street from Starbucks Coffee, anyone can grab their favorite drink and go browse to their heart’s delight.  Stop by and visit, you will love the experience!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition comes to Fresno

extreme-home-makeover-copy1Saws are buzzing here in Fresno.  The Extreme Makeover crew arrived last week and chose a much deserving family to be the recipient of a brand new home.  It has been amazing to see this team work to accomplish the amazing feat of building a home in just 7 days.  Tearing the home down on Saturday, they will have a beautiful brand new home custom built for the family by Thursday.

One of the stipulations of the project is that all materials and labor must be donated.  McCarthy Building Companies, was happy to step up and donate a large share of the lumber and labor for the furniture in the house.  My husband being their Project Manager here in Fresno, has been able to share in the labor.  It has been fun for him and his extremely talented crew to work on this amazing project.  He spent much of the weekend and now his evenings at the home helping to make each detail perfect for this special family.  It has been an honor for him to be able to help.

Extreme Makeover is partnering with DeYoung Homes here in Fresno to provide this family of 5 with the home of their dreams.  It will be customized for the mother who was born with no legs and only one fully developed arm.  This amazing woman has raised four children and lived independently despite her disabilities.   You can read more about this inspiring family at

Great work Fresno!

Hopping Through the Outback


Kids love to have fun and playing dress up is always something that turns a boring afternoon into one full of laughter.  Here are my two little kangaroos transported into the outback while they squeeze into last year’s Halloween costumes.  I have to admit, I giggle myself as I see them go from Disney Princesses one minute to hopping joeys the next.

I love that they enjoy it because playing dress up is a great way for them to develop their imagination.  For little ones and older kids, playing dress up is a great way to develop social skills as well.  Pretending to be strong super heroes, gentle princesses or scary animals gives them different roles to explore.

The best thing about dress up is a child’s imagination is powerful enough to make even a bath towel feel like a super hero’s cape!

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein